Wrongful Death Claim Filed Against City by Family of Venice Boardwalk Victim

February 5, 2014

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A wrongful death claim was filed against the City of Los Angeles on January 27, 2014 by the family of 32-year-old Alice Gruppioni, a honeymooner visiting from Italy who was struck by a motorist on the Venice boardwalk in August of 2013. The event at issue occurred when Ms. Gruppioni and her new husband Cristian Casadei were strolling on the boardwalk and a car driven by Nathan Campbell crashed into several pedestrians. The filing represents the initial step in a possible civil pedestrian accident lawsuit against the municipality, and should the city reject the family’s claim, litigation can commence.

Basis of claims against the City of Los Angeles

In their filing, the widower and parents of Ms. Gruppioni allege that the City of Los Angeles had notice and awareness of dangerous conditions at the boardwalk site, but had not taken steps to remedy them. Among the hazardous circumstances cited include a failure to erect sufficient barriers that could keep non-emergency vehicles from driving onto the boardwalk, failure to provide sufficient traffic control in the area and active promotion, supervision and approval of high levels of pedestrian traffic in an area improperly equipped to prevent vehicle entry.

Ms. Gruppioni’s family contends that the danger posed to pedestrians by the lack of safety measures on the boardwalk was open and obvious for a long period of time prior to the event at issue and was also the subject of numerous public complaints. Notably, shortly after the fatal accident, the city put numerous temporary bollards in place along many of the boardwalk’s ingress and egress points. These devices resemble large bowling pins that sit on the pavement and work to block the entry of passenger cars and trucks, but that can be overcome when necessary by large emergency vehicles.

Wrongful death damages alleged

According to the complaint, the acts and omissions of the City of Los Angeles pertaining to the safety of the Venice boardwalk have caused Ms. Gruppioni’s parents and new husband to suffer damages that include a loss of comfort, care, companionship, affection and moral support. In addition, because Ms. Gruppioni had been preparing to assume leadership of her family’s business concern her parents allege economic losses as well.

Her husband is also seeking compensation for personal injuries that include severe emotional distress, grief, anxiety and shock.

Help is available for victims of pedestrian car accidents in Los Angeles

Pedestrian victims of accidents involving motor vehicles often suffer very serious injuries given the substantial disparity in size and power between themselves and the car or truck striking them. Therefore, it is important for such individuals to realize that they are often entitled to compensation for things such as current and future medical expenses, lost wages and earning power, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and loss of spousal relations.

Those injured in pedestrian accidents should also be aware of the fact that in addition to involved motorists, third parties such as property owners and municipalities can also be liable for damages should they be found negligent under the facts of the case.

Contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer

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