Wrong Way Accident Claims Three Lives in Valencia


June 20, 2016

Ellis Law Corporation


An early morning crash on Sunday, June 12 claimed the lives of a driver and two other individuals. The crash occurred at about 1:25 a.m. on State Route 126 just east of Piru and west of the Los Angeles-Ventura County line, not far from the Golden State 5 Freeway. California Highway Patrol officers shut down Route 126 until six a.m. that morning.

The names of the victims are not yet known, nor is it known if there were any survivors. The cause of the wrong way crash is still under investigation. What is known is that there were two involved vehicles, one of them a white passenger vehicle and the other a gray four-door sedan. Photos of the crash site revealed that the gray sedan had flipped over and came to a rest upside down.

Why wrong way driving happens

Wrong way accidents can be caused by a variety of problems. They are more likely to occur at night and on weekends, in part because some drivers are more likely to be intoxicated. In fact, drunk driving is by far the most common cause of wrong way accidents. A significant percentage of wrong way drivers have previously been arrested for DUI or DWI.

Poor visibility at night and a driver’s unfamiliarity with the area can also contribute to these tragic crashes. Along with intoxication and poor visibility, some drivers are more likely to make a mistake such as entering an exit ramp because they are fatigued. It’s often thought that senior drivers make up the majority of wrong way drivers, but in fact fatigue, intoxication, and poor visibility mean that a driver of any age could make this deadly mistake. Occasionally, unclear signage may contribute to wrong way accidents.

The legal rights of accident victims

In this recent accident near Valencia, the driver would have been ticketed, at the very least, had he or she survived. If intoxication led to the wrong way driving, then the driver would likely face DUI or DWI charges. But in addition to actions taken by law enforcement officers, any surviving victims of wrong way crashes or the loved ones of deceased victims may decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Although litigation cannot undo the tragedy of a lost loved one, a successful outcome with the help of a personal injury lawyer can help families pursue justice and fair compensation.

A jury award or settlement could also mitigate the financial burden of car accidents, which often leave victims with exorbitant medical expenses, lost wages, permanent disability, or funeral costs and other end of life expenses.

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