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Woman Killed in Santa Clarita Crash; Car Crushed

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November 7, 2017

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A woman was killed in a violent car crash in Santa Clarita on Saturday, November 3, when the car she was driving was apparently rear-ended by a truck carrying a camper and hauling a trailer. The force of the impact knocked both vehicles across the intersection of Golden Valley Road and Sierra Highway and into a city bus. The bus then hit a power pole, drawing lives wires down to the ground.

Two other people were injured on the scene, one with moderate to severe injuries and one with minor injuries. Both were taken to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital.

Victim Rear-ended at Stoplight

The crash killed Marie Davis, 67. The sheriff’s department indicated Ms. Davis was dead on arrival at the hospital.

Ms. Davis was apparently stopped at a red light on Golden Valley Road, intending to make a left turn. The pickup did not stop at the light, but ran directly into Ms. Davis’s car, a Toyota Prius, without stopping. The Prius was crushed under the pickup.

The power lines affected by the accident shut down traffic signals in the area for an extended period of time and interrupted electricity to roughly 300 Santa Clarita residents.

Crash Causes Currently Under Investigation

Law enforcement authorities are currently investigating the causes of the crash. The influence of drugs and alcohol were ruled out as a potential cause.

Authorities were also testing the pickup truck for brake or other mechanical failure.

While it is impossible to tell who might be liable in an accident like this given the fact that an investigation is ongoing, some statements can be made about potential liability in car accidents in California.

Generally, a person who caused harm to another in a car accident in California can be found at fault, or liable, if the harm was caused by failure to obey traffic laws or failure to drive safely, following customary rules of the road. Failure to stop at a stop sign, for example, is failure to obey traffic laws. Driving too fast to stop when a light turns red, even if the driver is within the speed limit, is failure to drive safely.

If the harm was caused by another entity, such as a manufacturer of a vehicle or parts used in a vehicle, that entity could be found liable if the harm stemmed from failure to provide adequate and safe equipment or to maintain it properly.

California law allows people harmed because of the actions of another driver, person, or entity to bring suit for personal damages. If the harm results in a death, a wrongful death suit can be brought on behalf of family members or certain other parties as specified by law.

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