When Should I Get an Attorney After a Slip and Fall Accident?

There is no set time that is best for hiring a lawyer after a slip and fall accident. However, the sooner you hire an attorney the sooner they will have a chance to evaluate your claim. You can bet the property owner and their insurance company will not waste a moment building a defense against your allegations. Seeking the guidance of an attorney immediately could be your best chance to ensure you are treated fairly.  

For many people, their first call following a slip and fall accident is to their doctor. Their second call is often to a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer. By acting quickly, you could put your attorney in a position to preserve evidence and build the strongest case possible.  

Seek legal counsel if you care about the outcome of your case 

At the end of the day, an attorney is in your best interest if you care about the outcome of your slip and fall accident claim. As long as you determine you are in need of an attorney, there is no valid reason for delaying your selection of legal counsel. The longer you wait, the more of an advantage you give to the other side.  

Obviously, your health should come before any potential legal claim. Before you call a lawyer, seek out medical treatment immediately. Your doctor might not only prevent your injuries from worsening, but they could also help you create a record of your treatment that is useful at trial.  

Once your medical condition has been stabilized, there is no reasons to wait before seeking the guidance of an attorney. If possible, you could reach out to prospective counsel the same day as your fall. Some reasons why contacting slip & fall attorneys right away is in your best interest include: 

  • Evidence disappears. There is a short window to investigate slip and fall accidents. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to determine what happened. Employees present during your fall could change jobs and become unavailable to testify. Video evidence of your accident could be recorded over. The sooner your attorney starts their investigation, the stronger your case is likely to be.  
  • Legal deadlines. There is a firm deadline for filing in slip and fall accident lawsuit. While this deadline might be a year or two from the date of the accident, it is not uncommon for well-meaning individuals to slip and up and miss their chance at a lawsuit. Your attorney can ensure you meet these legal deadlines.  
  • Other legal proceedings. In some cases, insurance companies will take preemptive action to obtain a court order that they are not responsible for paying out your claim. The sooner you have an attorney, the sooner you can ensure your rights are protected from predatory insurance carriers.  
  • Preparation time. Building a winning case takes time. Even if you have ample time before the statute of limitations expires, your attorney needs time to investigate your case thoroughly. They will also need enough time to draft a complaint that complies with the law and adequately reflects the nature of your claim. 
  • Negotiations. Many slip and fall injury claims are settled prior to trial. In fact, they are often resolved before a lawsuit ever becomes necessary. This is beneficial, as it could save you the time and money that goes into filing a lawsuit. However, negotiations take time. If you wait too long to hire an attorney, you might run out of time to settle your claim before the statute of limitations looms.  

Talk to an attorney about your claim 

You do not have to take on the challenges of a slip and fall injury claim alone. With a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer guiding you, the monetary award you deserve could be in reach. Schedule a free consultation with Ellis Injury Law to get started on your case.