What Should I Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?

You have a number of decisions to make in the aftermath of a slip and fall accident. These choices can impact your timetable for recovery as well as your chances of successfully pursuing a legal claim against the property owner.  

Given what is at stake, you should seek the counsel of a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible. Working with an attorney could help you protect your legal rights should you decide to pursue a claim against the negligent property owner. Before your initial consultation with an attorney, consider taking the following steps.  

See a doctor about your injuries 

When it comes to a slip and fall, your health should be your top priority. Whether your injuries seem significant or relatively minor, it is best to see a doctor right away. Your injuries could be worse than you realize, and your best chance of avoiding lasting health consequences rests with immediate medical intervention. 

Calling on a doctor immediately after your accident improves more than just your health. It could also improve your chances of recovering damages through a personal injury lawsuit. Seeking doctor results in the creation of medical records that can be helpful to your slip & fall attorneys during the claims process. By establishing your record of treatment, your legal team could demonstrate that your injuries are as serious as advertised.  

Take note of the accident scene 

The details regarding the area where your fall occurred are important. Unfortunately, you will have a limited window of time to investigate the factors that went into your fall. If your injuries allow it, take stock of what you see. First and foremost, look for the hazard that caused your fall. This could include anything from a spilled drink to a loose step. The circumstances surrounding your fall are important, and any evidence of negligence could greatly boost your legal claim. 

Talk to witnesses 

If your fall was witnessed by another person, you should obtain their contact information as soon as possible. The testimony of an independent witness could be some of the strongest evidence available in your case. While juries take the testimony of an injury victim or defendant with some skepticism, they often listen carefully to what an independent third party has to say.  

The moments after your fall might be your only chance to obtain the identity of a witness. If they are someone you do not know personally, tracking them down again could be impossible.  

Report the accident 

If possible, report your fall to the owner, operator, or manager of the building. Many businesses and government entities might provide forms for you to fill out regarding your accident. Others will make the report themselves. Ensuring a report is created can help your claim by providing corresponding evidence that your accident occurred when you say it did.  

Do not discuss the fall 

While this might sound contradictory given the last two tips, you should not discuss the nature of your fall with the property owner or any employees at the location where the fall occurred. Outside of the minimum amount of contact necessary to ensure your incident was reported, you should not discuss the specifics of your injury or talk about blame. Anything you say at this point could be used by the other side at trial, meaning the less you say the better.  

Talk to an attorney after a slip and fall 

Few steps you take after a fall will be more pivotal than talking to a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. An attorney could investigate your claim and advise you on the strength of your personal injury case. The attorneys of Ellis Injury Law have extensive experience holding negligent property owners accountable for falls that occurred due to their negligence. Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help with your case.