Wall Falls at LA Construction Site, Injuring 2 Workers

Wall Falls at LA Construction Site, Injuring 2 Workers

March 21, 2016

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Construction Accidents

Two construction workers were rushed to the hospital on March 15 after a wall where they were working fell on them, according to Los Angeles authorities.  Though the wooden wall weighed a thousand pounds, co-workers were able to lift the structure off of the two men.  The two victims were hospitalized for critical injuries.

Authorities are currently investigating the cause or causes of the accident.

Construction injuries and fatalities are common in the Los Angeles area due in part to the high volume of construction carried out in this major metropolitan area.  Although the causes of the accidents vary, in many cases workers are not provided adequate training or supervision, or corners are cut with safety in order to meet deadlines or come in under budget.

Liability for Los Angeles area construction site injuries

Several kinds of construction accidents have resulted in serious injury or death in the Los Angeles area.  Heavy equipment, especially cranes, have fallen or otherwise malfunctioned.  In many cases, workers themselves have fallen from scaffolding or other elevated locations.  Injuries have also been connected to burns or electrocution.

Liability in such cases may vary.  For instance, a piece of equipment may have malfunctioned and the problem in such a case may be traced back to the manufacturing company.  Companies in charge of maintaining the equipment may also be responsible for the accident. Poor training and lax safety measures can also account for serious construction site accidents.

The fact that there are many parties involved in a construction project besides the construction workers’ direct employer is crucial in terms of gaining compensation for an accident or fatality.  Worker’s compensation is available to those injured on the job and it is not possible to sue an employer directly over various liability; however, with the help of a personal injury lawyer all of the other parties may be liable and are able to be sued in the case of an accident.

Compensation available for workplace accidents

Although worker’s compensation is available in the case of construction accidents, it is rarely sufficient to cover the expenses incurred.  Medical expenses in the short term may be substantial enough.  In addition, many workers face long term rehabilitation costs that are also significant.  An accident may render a worker unable to continue in his chosen field.  He or she may therefore face not only lost wages in the period immediately following the accident, but also a loss of earning potential that may have a detrimental impact on the worker and his or her family.  Finally, the loss of a breadwinner may have serious financial consequences for a family left behind.

If you have been injured or lost a family member in a construction accident, you may be entitled to legal compensation.  To speak with a Los Angeles construction accident attorney at Ellis Injury Law, dial 310-641-3335. The first consultation is free, and we don’t get paid unless you recover damages.