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Ventura County Personal Injury Lawyers

When someone causes you a serious injury due to their negligence, you deserve compensation. Because of this individual or party, you are in pain, cannot work, and worry about paying your bills and providing for your family.   

A Ventura County personal injury lawyer at Ellis Injury Law will hold those responsible for your injuries accountable and help you receive the compensation you deserve. Over the past quarter-century, our dedicated attorneys have recovered more than $350 million for clients in verdicts and settlements.  

Personal injury causes 

Types of personal injury run the gamut, but all have a common denominator. The incident occurred because of another party’s reckless, negligent, or deliberate behavior. Common types of personal injury include: 

  • Car accidents 
  • Truck accidents 
  • Premises liability 
  • Dog bites 
  • Construction accidents 

What to do after an accident 

After an accident in which you were harmed, call the police at once to report it. Much will depend upon the nature of the incident, but in all situations, you should seek prompt medical attention, even if you do not think your injury was serious initially. The severity of some injuries is not always apparent, especially in the adrenaline rush after a car crash, for example. 

If possible, use your phone to take photos of the accident scene, as well as your injuries. The more documentation there is of the circumstances surrounding the event, the better. 

In many situations, especially after a car accident, you will soon hear from the insurance company. Do not agree to a settlement without speaking with a lawyer. Insurance companies want to settle as quickly as they can and for as low an amount as possible. Once you agree to a settlement, you cannot renegotiate it. An attorney knows a fair value for the type of injury you suffered.  

Statute of limitations 

In California, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury case is typically two years from the date of the accident. Failure to file a lawsuit by that deadline means a case cannot go forward in court. 

However, if you were injured, it is vital to obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. Proving a personal injury case requires substantial evidence, and such evidence is often lost if the injured person waits too long before hiring a lawyer. For example, surveillance camera video on public properties, which might document who was at fault in a motor vehicle accident, are usually erased within 30 days. That is why time is of the essence when pursuing a personal injury claim.  

Contact a Ventura County Personal Injury Lawyer  

If you or someone you know was seriously injured because of another party’s reckless or negligent actions, contact a personal injury attorney at Ellis Injury Law.  Call or text us today or submit our online contact form. If you are too badly injured to come to our office, we can send someone to your home, hospital or rehabilitation facility in which you are staying. We serve the entire state of California. Since we work on a contingency basis, there is no fee unless you receive compensation.