Malfunction Found In Firework Show That Injured People in Simi Valley

Ventura County Firework Accident Attorney – Malfunction Found In Firework Show That Injured People in Simi Valley

October 17, 2013

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An investigation into an explosion that sent debris into a crowd at a Southern California Fourth of July fireworks show determined that a malfunction involving a shell inside a mortar tube led to the blast.

Twenty-eight people were injured in the explosion when mortar tubes and the racks holding them were blasted into the crowd at the Simi Valley event. The report released Thursday that faults the fireworks shell was issued by the California fire marshal.

The agency concluded that a 5-inch diameter, two-part fireworks shell failed to function as designed. The shell exploded in the mortar tube, leading to more explosions.

The show had proper permits and the display was properly designed and set up, according to the report. Investigators determined the was not a pattern of problems with the type shell, known as a “double bubble.”

“All of the information we have on this incident indicates that there was simply a tragic malfunction that resulted in the explosions,” said Ventura County Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen. “The display was properly designed and set up. That being said, our responsibility is to do everything we can to ensure the safety of the people of Ventura County. As a result, we will be reviewing the state fireworks polices to see if additional local measures might be warranted.”

Most of the victims injured in the blast at Rancho Santa Susana Community Park were treated at a hospital and release. The crowd was an estimated 350 feet from the launch area when fireworks and debris rained down on spectators.


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Make sure everyone knows about fireworks safety! At Ellis Law we want everyone to enjoy a happy and safe Fourth of July! However, we must mention the dangers of this wonderful holiday and 4th of July accidents can occur. The best way to protect yourself and the ones you love are to attend public fireworks displays. The sparklers they make are so colorful and intriguing to a young child they sometimes can’t help themselves and touch them. Please advise your children about the dangers of fireworks. Remember, they are explosives! Did you know sparklers can reach 1800°F-that is hot enough to melt gold! If you have been injured please contact an experienced attorney today toll free at Ellis Law 310-641-3335.

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There are many happy memories that are associated with the Fourth of July. At Ellis Law we want you to be safe and have a wonderful Fourth of July. Just remember that fireworks are explosives and are not to be played with by children! Try to attend public firework displays. Fireworks can be a beautiful part of the Fourth of July with a little careful planning! If you do have the misfortune of being injured, please make sure you secure an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney from Ellis Law. We will stand up for your rights in a court of law. You have to have a seasoned lawyer that is familiar with these types of issues. Please contact Ellis Law today toll free at 310-641-3335. We’re here to assist you with your personal injury legal matters.