Update: 9 Injured in Van Crash into LA Restaurant

August 3, 2017

Ellis Law Corporation


The recent Sunday afternoon collision that sent the van careening into a group of people eating outdoors at a popular LA restaurant was described as a dramatic scene. Diners bleeding, some with broken limbs caught under the van and pieces of furniture.  The men and five women were taken to a local hospital for treatment. An off-duty firefighter, a ninth victim, was also in the crowd although injuries did not require hospitalization.

The driver was not injured and it is believed that there was no evidence of drugs or alcohol.  Reports indicate that the incident was not intentional and had swerved to avoid another vehicle, putting him into the path of the diners outside the restaurant.  The van sustained a flat tire and damaged bumper, and was towed.  Witnesses say the driver was removed from the scene on a stretcher.  Further investigations are pending.

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