Two Killed, Three Injured in Sun Valley Crash; Street Racing Suspected as Cause

Two Killed, Three Injured in Sun Valley Crash; Street Racing Suspected as Cause


April 22, 2019

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A two-car collision at high speeds killed two people and injured three in Sun Valley on Friday, April 12.

The only victim currently identified is Olivia Enriquez, who was 59. Her husband is apparently the other fatality.

Police think that street racing caused the crash, which happened where Lankershim Boulevard and San Fernando Road intersect at roughly 7:30 p.m.

A white Dodge Charger violently hit a Toyota Corolla that was executing a left turn. The three people in the charger were all injured and all were taken to a local hospital. The driver is expected to be arrested on a charge of murder.

In the aftermath, the heavily damaged cars were on opposite sides of the road as fire trucks arrived and fire fighters attended to the victims.

Police believe that the white Charger could have been racing another Dodge Charger, a dark-colored one. That car continued eastbound on San Fernando Road and didn’t stop. Police are searching for the driver, who may have been seen leaving the scene.

Street Racing Is an Ongoing Danger

Police throughout the Los Angeles area have been concerned about the dangers of street racing for some time. Street races involve extremely high speeds and often the drivers are under the influence of alcohol or other stimulants. All too frequently, they are in residential neighborhoods and pose a danger to the racers, neighborhood residents, and onlookers.

All drivers are expected to obey the speed limit, the laws of the road, and safe driving regulations. Street racing often violates all three. Drivers who act in a reckless manner, who do not follow the law and who ignore safe driving principles can be held liable for damage to people and property. As this case indicates, at least preliminarily, they may be liable for charges of murder.

It should be noted that drivers who leave the scene of an accident where there is injury to people or damage to property have also violated the law. Drivers involved in an accident are expected to stay at the scene until authorities have taken their information.

If You Need an Experienced Southern California Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a driver who was not obeying California law and drove recklessly, the driver may be liable for his or her negligence. In California, you may be entitled to damages for personal injury, property damage, medical care, loss of income, physical therapy, and funerals.

Our firm has more than 20 years of experience in successfully litigating southern California car accidents and winning millions in damages for our clients. We work with a team of top-notch investigators who will discover the causes of the accident and gather hard proof of who was to blame. Call us today for a free consultation with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer and to see how much your case might be worth.

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