Truck Accident Puts 5 Freeway Out of Commission

Truck Accident Puts 5 Freeway Out of Commission

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August 6, 2020

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The southbound lanes of the 5 Freeway near Elysian Park in Los Angeles were closed for part of the day on Tuesday, August 4th, because of a truck accident. Two big rig trucks were involved in the crash that shut down a large portion of the busy roadway, but luckily no one was seriously injured.

Just before 1:00 pm

The two trucks crashed just before 1:00pm on August 4th. The Los Angeles Fire Department was on the scene and tweeted information about the crash shortly thereafter.

According to the tweets, the two trucks crashed in the southbound lanes close to the connection for the 110 Freeway. AIR7HD was also reporting from the scene, and Chris Cristi noted that during the accident, one of the cabs of the trucks fully came off. 

One occupant of one of the big rigs was trapped in the wreckage and had to be freed. The victim was transported to a nearby hospital and is reported to be in stable condition. The only other victim was also taken to the hospital and is in stable condition as well.

Logistical damage

Luckily, the vast majority of the damage from the truck accident was logistical.

Both of the southbound lanes of the 5 Freeway were closed for cleanup after the crash, causing a brutal traffic backup that spanned several miles into the San Fernando Valley. Though the lanes were reopened around 4:45pm, many commuters suffered a nasty rush hour.

Other drivers were told to avoid that section of the 5 Freeway if possible, taking other routes around East Los Angeles and downtown.

What if you’re not so lucky?

Truck accidents claim or forever alter the lives of Los Angeles residents every day. That’s why the truck accident lawyers at Ellis Injury Law are working hard to make sure that these victims get the compensation they deserve.

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