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Tragic Forceps Delivery Injury Kills Texas Infant

February 10, 2014

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Baby Olivia Marie Coats survived for only five days after her parents argue that a forceps delivery injury crushed her skull, leading to the little girl’s untimely death. Her parents, both from Texas, plan to sue the attending obstetrician, George T. Backardjiev, who performed a delayed C-section after a grueling 18-hour labor and botched forceps extraction.

Angie Coats, Olivia’s grandmother, told ABC News, “We’re not mad at hospital, this is not their fault. It is one man’s fault…We only want justice for Olivia; we want the person responsible, which is the doctor. We don’t want the hospital being shunned. The hospital is great. The nurses were wonderful. It’s not their fault.”

Grieving parents had asked for a Cesarean section

Rachel Melancon and Allen Coats are not filing a malpractice suit against The Medical Center of Southeast Texas, as they lay full blame on Dr. Backardjiev, who according to allegations,  told the 95-pound mother she did not want a C-section since it would leave a noticeable scar.

Rachel, who was petite by nature, had been in labor for 18 hours and was running a 103 fever, according to Angie who was present during the childbirth. After an unsuccessful attempt to turn baby Olivia face down with his hands, the obstetrician resorted to other tactics, says Coats.

“When he couldn’t do that, he took the small forceps to try to pull the baby out. He kept going and even put his foot up on the bed trying to pull,” she said. “He was turning and twisting and she would never come out. He put the forceps one way and the other. When he touched the top and side of the skull, we heard a pop, like clay cracking in pottery and heard her skull crush.”

Alleged forceps delivery injury crushes baby’s skull

After the child was delivered via Cesarean, she was taken to another hospital where she was allegedly diagnosed with numerous skull fractures and was not breathing on her own. Olivia died several days later after being taken off life support.

The CEO of The Medical Center of Southeast Texas, issued a statement that the child’s death “rips at our hearts and words are insufficient to express how much our sympathies go to this loving family.”

The parents are devastated by the loss of their daughter and have launched a Facebook campaign to stop the use of forceps-assisted deliveries in an effort to bring awareness to the risks involved.

Los Angeles birth injury lawyer

Heart wrenching stories like that of the Coats family capture the tragic consequences of delivery room mistakes and the risks of forceps-assisted childbirth.  And in cases where medical negligence is to blame, health care professionals need to be held accountable for their actions.

Compassion, experience and unwavering dedication are the cornerstones of Ellis Injury Law – helping malpractice victims in Southern California pursue justice for more than two decades. While no amount of money can take back an innocent child’s avoidable injury or premature death, successful litigation can offer parents a measure of justice and sense of closure, especially when charged with caring for a child with special needs.

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