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Torrance Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Though it may not seem so, slip and fall accidents and subsequent lawsuits are quite common, and oftentimes very serious. Around 8.9 million people visit the emergency room every year because of a slip, trip or fall. According to the National Safety Council, these kinds of accidents are the second-leading cause of unintentional death.  

Slip and fall injuries are varied, from broken bones and lacerations to neck/spine injuries, traumatic head injuries, and even cosmetic disfigurements, but they all have one thing in common: extensive monetary and emotional suffering. If you or someone you love has been injured in a slip and fall, you should contact a Los Angeles slip and fall attorney right away. Torrance slip and fall lawyers can help you fight for the compensation you deserve from the injuries you suffered because of someone else’s negligence.  

Determining liability in slip and fall lawsuits  

Under California state law, every property owner has a legal duty to keep his property reasonably safe, and to warn visitors of dangerous conditions. Successful slip and fall cases result when the owner breaches that legal duty, causing an injury to a visitor.  

You need a slip and fall accident lawyer on your team because slip and fall liability is notoriously tricky to prove. In the state of California, you must prove three factors in court to prove slip and fall liability:  

  • The property owner had an obligation to the victim 
  • The property owner did not fulfill that obligation  
  • The victim was injured because of the lack of obligation fulfillment  

That may seem simple, but it’s no easy feat. Many property owners take reasonable care to maintain their properties, so slips and falls are not always their fault. Sometimes the victim failed to notice or observe warning signs, took part in risky behavior that precipitated the accident, or was distracted at the time of the accident. In these cases, the property owner might not be found liable, or only partially liable.  

Slip and fall compensation  

Slip and fall compensation covers a range of damages. The most common payments are for damages including:  

  • Emotional and psychological suffering 
  • Past, present and future medical bills 
  • Loss of wages and/or earning capacity   

A slip and fall lawyer will work with you to not only determine if there is provable negligence and therefore liability in the case, but will also help determine the necessary damages.  

Ellis Law Corporation Torrance slip and fall lawyers 

An experienced, diligent and compassionate Los Angeles personal injury attorney from Ellis Law Corporation is the perfect solution for your slip and fall injury case. We’ve recovered more than $350 million in damages for our clients, and would be happy to help you win maximum compensation for your injuries. Call us today to schedule a 100% free consultation.