Top 4 Mistakes Beginners Make on Motorcycles Top 4 Mistakes Beginners Make on Motorcycles

Top 4 Mistakes Beginners Make on Motorcycles

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September 18, 2018

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Motorcycle Injuries

There is a very steep learning curve when you first start riding a motorcycle. Of course, you’ll need to pass a rider education course before you can even obtain a license. But experience is the best teacher, and the more hours you spend on your bike, the more you’ll learn about keeping yourself safe on the road. In the meantime, try to stay safe by  avoiding  following common mistakes, but always remember that an accident can happen at any time and always be prepared by contacting your personal injury attorney at Ellis Injury Law.

Mistake 1: Pairing up with a riding buddy right off the bat

New riders are often anxious to take a girlfriend or boyfriend out on the bike with them. It’s natural to want to share your love of riding and the open road with your partner, but rushing into this can put both of your lives at risk. Riding with a partner is very different from solo riding. The motorcycle will handle differently, and you’ll be distracted by the person behind you. Wait to take your partner out on the bike until you’ve gained a great deal of experience in all sorts of weather and traffic patterns.

Mistake 2: Pulling the clutch lever all the way

Going at full throttle is a good way to go nowhere. Specifically, your bike will stall. Of course, not giving the bike enough throttle will also cause it to stall. Spend plenty of time practicing applying just enough throttle as you release the clutch.

Mistake 3: Enjoying the scenery in heavy traffic

One of the reasons motorcyclists become motorcyclists is an enduring appreciation for the journey itself—not just the destination. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy sweeping vistas and once in a lifetime views from the seat of your motorcycle. But heavy traffic is not the right time to gawk at the scenery.

Motorcyclists are far more vulnerable than drivers. It’s absolutely essential that you stay focused and continually monitor the changing traffic patterns around you. If you’re riding in a city, for example, be aware that a driver in a parked car can suddenly open the door—right in front of your bike. If you’re on the highway, keep an eye out for drivers who might try to merge into you. (Your bike is far less visible than a car.) Even if there is little traffic around you, you must continually scan the road ahead of you for potholes or other road hazards. Stay alert at all times to reduce your risk of a serious crash.

Mistake 4: Not seeking legal guidance after a motorcycle accident

In car-motorcycle accidents, the driver of the car is quite often the one at fault for the crash. But you can’t rely on the insurance company to offer a fair settlement, especially since motorcycle accident injuries can be very severe and potentially permanent. You need the seasoned legal guidance of a personal injury lawyer.

Every Los Angeles motorcycle crash attorney at Ellis Law Corporation is a vigorous advocate for the rights of injured bikers. We’ll help you secure the compensation you’re entitled to. You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake. Call our office today to speak to a personal injury lawyer if you’ve been injured in the southern California region.

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