Top 10 Product Recalls of 2013

January 17, 2014

Ellis Law Corporation


Millions of popular items were subject to a California product recall during 2013, including foods, toys, clothing, home products and baby gear. Risks associated with these products ran the gamut, from strangulation and choking hazards to fire risks. Protect yourself and your family by reviewing the top product recalls of 2013.


Last year was not a particularly good one for dehumidifiers, as more than three million were recalled due to burn and fire hazards. Included on the recall list were models from Kenmore, Premiere, Fellini, Frigidaire, Norpole and Danby.

Sleep Sacks for babies

Both Halo and BreathableSack wearable blankets and sleep sacks were recalled in 2013. While the sacks are effective in keeping baby warm on colder nights, both designs have features that can detach and pose a choking hazard.

Ground Beef

In July 2013, more than 50,000 pounds of ground beef were recalled by the National Beef Packing Co. due to possible E. coli contamination. The beef had been shipped to numerous grocers and retail markets across the United States.

Nap Recliners

The Nap Nanny sleep recliner was recalled in June 2013 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The 150,000 recliners sold were associated with 100 reports of infants falling over the side of the recliner. Five infants died in those incidents.


Taylor Farms issued a recall of organic baby spinach in February 2013, after it was discovered some of the spinach might have been contaminated with E. coli. The recall spanned 39 states and included brands like Full Circle Organics, Central Market Organics, Taylor Farms Organic, Marketside Organic and Simple Truth Organic.


In April 2013, the powerful magnetic balls marketed to business professionals were recalled by six retailers in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The magnetic balls had been swallowed by children, and the potent strength of the magnetization had led to perforated intestines and other complications.

Toyota Siennas

In the midst of a number of issues with various vehicles last year, Toyota issued a recall on 600,000 of its Sienna minivans in September. It was discovered that a mechanism inside the shift lever could break, allowing the vehicle to roll while it was in park.

Baby Bath Seats

A number of baby bath seats marketed in 2013 failed to meet federal safety standards and were recalled when it was discovered the seat could tip over and pose a drowning risk to the infant. Brand names listed in recalls included Buy Buy Baby, Thermobaby, Chelsea & Scott and BeBeLove.

Flat Screen Televisions

In December 2013, 11 retailers recalled Coby 32-inch flat screen televisions after it was realized an electronic component inside the set could catch fire. Since the manufacturer of the television is no longer in business, retailers took over the recall.

Infant Motrin

In September, the FDA announced a recall of three retail lots of Infant Motrin, after tiny plastic particles were detected in the formula. The lot where the plastic particles were discovered were never released for marketing. However, additional lots were removed from store shelves as a precautionary measure.

Injured in CA? Consult with Los Angeles products liability lawyers

Recalled products can pose significant risk of injury, illness and even death to consumers. In many cases, incidents associated with the product are reported long before the recall is issued. Residents who have suffered injuries from a product recall in California have the right to pursue legal recourse. Product liability laws protect those who have been harmed by dangerous items that have been placed into the stream of commerce, allowing victims to seek compensation for their injuries and related losses.

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