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Teen Dies in Tarzana in Possible Car Surfing Accident

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September 25, 2015

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Carrying roses, friends and loved ones of Tsofia Mesica gathered around the site of her death on Reseda Boulevard this week, in total shock and disbelief. The 15-year old high school student suffered fatal head injuries after being hit by a vehicle Monday night – possibly while car surfing – in a remote part of Tarzana. Accounts of exactly what led to the accident are still uncertain, and are currently under investigation by Los Angeles police officials.

LAPD and emergency responders were called to assist an injured teen on Monday night, where the boulevard dead ends at Mulholland Gateway Park. But by the time they arrived, the injured girl had already been taken to the hospital by friends, where she later died. The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner identified Mesica on Thursday.

Teen killed in Tarzana, witnesses give different accounts

The victim was a sophomore at Los Angeles’ YULA, an Orthodox Jewish high school. An outgoing, spontaneous and generous person, Mesica was described by friends as someone who would help out with anything.

“I saw her last week. We were hanging out with her last week, and now hearing about this is crazy,” Shaked Kadosh told ABC News.

Like other friends of Mesica, Kadosh can’t believe she is gone, but conflicting reports on how the accident occurred have left authorities looking for more clues. Los Angeles police officer Arriaga told KTLA that witnesses gave two different accounts of how the Agouri Hills teen suffered fatal injuries. One person told officials that Mesica had been leaning against an SUV when the driver accidently hit the gas instead of the brakes, causing her to be thrown down. Other witnesses say she was car surfing – a dangerous stunt that has caused several deaths in recent years.

Friends say victim was car surfing

One of Mesica’s friends, Liam Giat, told officials “She was car surfing, holding onto the side vehicle, and the driver he pushed on the gas pedal, and I guess she slipped off, and she fell and hit her head.”

“She was grabbing on to the car. And then I don’t remember if they said he braked or he pushed the gas too hard. And then she slipped and fell back and hit her head,” said Sean Ashkenaz, another friend of Mesica, in an interview with CBS News Los Angeles.

Authorities do not suspect that drugs or alcohol played a role in Mesica’s death, and are trying to contact teens who may have been at Reseda Boulevard the night of the accident to gather more relevant information. LAPD Detective William Bustos confirms that police have yet to make any arrests following the teen’s death, and only through continued investigations will determine if a crime took place.

Legal advocates for victims of negligence in LA

Ellis Law offer their deepest condolences to the family of Tsofia Mesica, whose senseless death may bring increased awareness to the inherent dangers of car surfing, which has been blamed for dozens of fatalities.

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