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Best Slip Resistant Shoes to Prevent Falls

Every year in the U.S., falls account for over eight million emergency room visits, and according to the CDC, nearly 1 million patients are hospitalized for broken bones, head trauma and other fall-related injuries. Whether it happens at a swimming pool, on the job, or while out shopping, a slip and... Read more »

Injured While Shopping: Can I Sue?

Supermarket aisle with empty green shopping cart
Because shopping is such a necessary and, for many people, fun recreational activity, you may never have focused on the potential dangers of being seriously injured while shopping. Stores Can Be Dangerous Places Think again. It’s estimated that that shopping carts, for example, injure roughly 24,000 children per year nationwide.... Read more »

3 Places Slip and Falls Commonly Occur

Business man falling down set of stairs.
Slip and fall accidents are common, but that does not mean they are harmless. In fact, they are the leading cause of emergency room visits, leading to over a million ER trips per year. Like other common causes of injury, many slips and falls are preventable. According to the National... Read more »

3 Ways Poor Lighting Can Cause an Injury

Business man falling down set of stairs.
There are infinite ways a person can sustain injuries, from plane crashes to sports collisions. But did you know that a simple lightbulb, or the lack thereof, can also cause injuries? Installing adequate lighting is an easy way to improve the safety of any home, office building, or nursing home,... Read more »

I Fell at Work: Can I Sue?

Business man falling down set of stairs.
In most cases, falling down and injuring yourself on someone else’s property is covered by premises liability law. You might be able to file a premises liability lawsuit against the owner of the property, if that owner can be found liable for a pre-existing hazardous condition on the property. However,... Read more »

Critics Assail Los Angeles Sidewalk Repair Plan

crack in LA sidewalk
According to some public officials in Los Angeles, big changes are needed in order to salvage a massive sidewalk repair plan slated to cost taxpayers multiple millions of dollars. It is being alleged by City Council members Jose Huizar and Paul Krekorian that the program is failing to identify sidewalks... Read more »

Bob Barker Injured in LA Sidewalk Fall

crack in LA sidewalk
Bob Barker, former host of the game show “Price is Right,” injured himself in a slip and fall accident on an L.A. sidewalk in front of his Hollywood Hills home. The incident took place at 10:30 am on Tuesday, October 20; two police officers happened to drive by at the... Read more »