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Landscaper Claims Roundup to Blame for Cancer Diagnosis

Eric Morris worked as a landscaper for nearly 30 years. Each week, the Florida resident would spray Roundup, a glyphosate-based weed killer manufactured by Monsanto. For about the same length of time as Morris’ career, Monsanto claimed that Roundup was so safe that it could be compared to common table... Read more »

Roundup Health Risks Subject of Recent Lawsuits

As litigation involving the popular weed killer Roundup continues to grow, new research only serves to increase concerns about the safety of the formulations produced by Monsanto. The latest study indicates that in addition to the potential hazard of the active ingredient glyphosate, at least one of the “inert” ingredients... Read more »

Roundup Lawsuits Increase, Claim Weedkiller Causes Cancer

Maps published by public watchdog groups show that Monsanto’s Roundup, a weedkiller linked to certain kinds of cancers, is routinely being sprayed in public spaces of large urban centers. Meanwhile, the number of lawsuits contending that Monsanto did not provide adequate warning about Roundup’s carcinogenic properties continues to grow. The... Read more »