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10 Scary Texting and Driving Statistics

The widespread use of cell phones while driving is an increasing threat to the safety of motorists and their passengers in Los Angeles and throughout the country. Sending or receiving a message may only take a few seconds, but drivers are distracted manually, visually, and cognitively during that time, which increases the... Read more »

Apple Hit with Class Action Suit over Driver Safety Lockout

apple iphone class action suit lockout mechanism
A class action lawsuit has been brought against Apple for failing to implement a patented iPhone lockout safety mechanism. The law suit alleges that the company possesses technology that would prevent texting and driving but has failed to implement it. An Orange County California resident, Julio Ceja was rear ended... Read more »

Pokémon Go Responsible for Traffic Accidents, Deaths

The popular game Pokémon Go has been responsible for a jump in distracted driving–related accidents. Pokémon, a game in which avatars vie to catch the animated character, is an extremely popular game. Researchers who examined social media to see whether drivers and passengers were playing Pokémon found that a number of... Read more »

Pokemon Go Leading to Car Crashes

bad car accident
A new driver distraction is in town and it is beginning to wreak some havoc on roadways across the country. Pokémon Go, a mobile game that allows player to catch virtual Pokémon characters in real-life surroundings, has taken much of the U.S. by storm. The game is not limited to... Read more »

Distracted Driving Study Finds Motorists Have Sixth Sense

A research team from the University of Houston (UH) and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) determined that motorists have a “sixth sense” that counterbalances certain distractions when behind the wheel. Lead researchers Ioannis Pavlidis and Robert Wunderlich focused on three types of common distractions including texting, driving while absent minded,... Read more »

5-Car Collision Sends 4 to Hospital

A car crash involving five cars in Hollywood Hills sent four people to the hospital on January 5. Two adults and two teenagers were transported to area hospitals. The adults, a man and woman, were listed in critical condition and the teenage girls were listed in fair condition at the... Read more »

2016 CA Laws for Vehicles, Bikes and Hoverboards

scale of justice on table
A number of new public safety laws are set to go into effect in California on New Year’s Day, including several related to motorists, cyclists, and so-called “hoverboards.” Some of the laws are state-wide; others are limited to certain cities or counties. While the laws cover a wide range of... Read more »

Sexting a Factor in 2013 Fatal L.A. Crash

A driver responsible for a 2013 crash that killed one in Los Angeles was “sexting” with his girlfriend just moments before the accident, local media has discovered. Although the driver faced a six-month suspension of his license and was fired from his job at Caltrans Long Beach after the accident,... Read more »