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Rate of Home Births Escalates in the U.S.

Until 1989, statistics weren’t available regarding the number of American women who chose midwives instead of obstetricians. That year, just three percent of births in the U.S. were overseen by a midwife. Since 1989, the popularity of midwives and home births has grown considerably, though—at nine percent—this trend still represents... Read more »

The Lifetime Cost of Cerebral Palsy

Because cerebral palsy is permanent and care often requires constant attention and assistance, the costs of the condition are very high. The CDC notes that the lifetime cost of cerebral palsy is close to $1 million, at an estimated $921,000. The medical costs for care and treatment of children with... Read more »

Report Says U.S. Childbirth Safety Outcomes Dismal

A safe and uneventful delivery is the goal for all birthing teams, but in some cases, what should be a joyous day turns to tragedy when unforeseen complications arise for both mother and child. During the past few decades, obstetric services in the United States and abroad have vastly improved,... Read more »

High Schooler with Cerebral Palsy Makes Impressive Strides

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Anyone who has ever known or loved someone dealing with the challenges of cerebral palsy would surely have rejoiced at seeing what 17-year-old Octavio Nieto of Orange County recently accomplished. In early December, the senior at Tesoro High School walked for first time in his entire life, prompting cheers of... Read more »

Tragic Forceps Delivery Injury Kills Texas Infant

Baby Olivia Marie Coats survived for only five days after her parents argue that a forceps delivery injury crushed her skull, leading to the little girl’s untimely death. Her parents, both from Texas, plan to sue the attending obstetrician, George T. Backardjiev, who performed a delayed C-section after a grueling... Read more »