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The Best and Worst Bicycle Helmets

bicycle rider with helmet
Bicycle crashes can be just as threatening to life and limb as crashes in any other type of vehicle. Bicyclists are not protected by tons of metal, as motorists in cars and trucks are. Bicyclists can be thrown off bicycles by unforeseen divots in pavements or unexpected dashes in front... Read more »

Streets of South LA: Cycle of Disrepair

If you’re a bicyclist in Los Angeles, ride at your own risk. That’s the stark message conveyed by a recent “SoCal Connected” segment aired by public television station KCET. The weekly video news magazine’s segment, “Cycle of Disrepair: Bumps in the Road,” focused attention on the dire condition of Los... Read more »

Bike Safety Tips for Kids & Parents

bicycle lane
Bicycling is a healthy activity for the whole family, especially young children. Southern California’s mild weather and abundant trails offer endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors on two wheels. While a fun way to travel or just explore your neighborhood, biking does come with risks. An estimated 10 percent of... Read more »

Cyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run in Stanton

cyclist killed in hit-and-run
Authorities say a cyclist was killed Wednesday by a hit and run driver in Stanton. According to Orange County Sheriff’s office, the incident occurred at Chapman Avenue and Beach Boulevard. The victim was taken to UCI Medical Center in critical condition and later died from his injuries. Reports indicate the... Read more »

Bicycle and Pedestrian Fatalities On The Rise In California

pedestrian accidents increasing in california
Recent statistics show that in 2013, 701 pedestrians and 141 bicyclists were killed on California roads.  This number accounts for more than 28% of all traffic fatalities.  In an effort to combat these escalating numbers, the San Francisco Police department has stepped up their efforts in ticketing pedestrians, cyclists and... Read more »

Top 10 Summer Injuries

A combination of warm weather and no school can be a dangerous combination for many parents this summer. Though all summertime pastimes carry some degree of risk, some are more hazardous than others. Family fun should be a top priority for everyone, but outdoor recreation and sporting activities cause thousands... Read more »

2016 CA Laws for Vehicles, Bikes and Hoverboards

scale of justice on table
A number of new public safety laws are set to go into effect in California on New Year’s Day, including several related to motorists, cyclists, and so-called “hoverboards.” Some of the laws are state-wide; others are limited to certain cities or counties. While the laws cover a wide range of... Read more »

Curbing Bicycle Accidents in Los Angeles

Bicycle accidents are a common problem in Los Angeles, with the most bicyclist deaths by death occurring in California and Florida today. Now, city officials are attempting to reduce the number of fatalities by using a proven safety program from Sweden known as Vision Zero. The hope is that by... Read more »