SUV Crashes Into Pizzeria, Injures Two


June 2, 2016

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A white Ford Expedition plowed into the Ameci Pizza & Pasta in Simi Valley and early reports have indicated that two people sustained injuries. The crash occurred just before 5:00 pm. The pizzeria is located on the 2700 block of Tapo Canyon Road at the intersection with Alamo Street. The Simi Valley Police Department and the Ventura County Fire Department responded to the crash site, and Capt. Mike Lindbery of the fire department told reporters that they had requested assistance from the Southern California Gas building and safety division. Building inspectors were evaluating the strip mall that the pizzeria is located in to determine whether the building was rendered unstable or otherwise unsafe by the crash.

Minor to moderate injuries sustained

Two people were taken to nearby hospitals with minor to moderate injuries in the wake of the crash. One of them was the driver, who sustained unspecified minor injuries and was taken to Simi Valley Hospital. According to Barry Parker, the Ventura County Fire Department Battalion Chief, an Ameci employee suffered moderate injuries and was taken to Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Thousand Oaks. The Ameci employee had been enjoying his meal break at the time and was sitting at a table when the SUV plowed into the pizzeria.

The other employees were safely behind the counter at the time of the crash and did not sustain injuries. It is unknown if there were any customers in the building. Neither the driver nor the injured Ameci employee were identified by authorities, but Capt. Mike Lindbery did state that the driver of the SUV was a male.

Photos taken at the crash site show the white SUV stopped just before the ordering counter. The photos did not depict any noticeable skid marks. The cause of the crash is currently under investigation by the Simi Valley Police Department and few details are available at this time. It is not known if – though it is quite likely – the driver of the SUV was asked to take a chemical test to check his blood alcohol level.

Liability issues in car crashes

While this particular investigation is still ongoing, in other cases similar to this one the vehicle driver is frequently found to have been intoxicated, impaired by drugs, driving recklessly, or driving while distracted or drowsy. In any of these cases, the driver may be held liable for the accident with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

It’s also a possibility that mechanical problems of the SUV caused or contributed to the crash, in which case the manufacturer might be named as a defendant in a car crash lawsuit.

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