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Suspected Drunk Drivers Crash into Thousand Oaks Home for 3rd Time

Thousand Oaks Car crash

January 3, 2017

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On three separate occasions in 2016, suspected drunk drivers were unable to navigate a sharp curve in the road and have plowed into the Dumais family’s Thousand Oaks home damaging exterior walls and landing in the family’s back yard pool.

The first incident occurred in July, when a woman totaled her Honda driving into one of the brick walls of the home. The second crash occurred in October, again crashing into the plywood of the not yet repaired exterior wall. The third incident occurred in December; yet another car drove over the same curb hitting the same wall and finally landing in the family’s pool. In each situation, the driver’s rate of speed has been estimated to be far above the 15 mph posted speed limit.

The Dumais family has since requested that the city install anti-ramming posts to prevent future accidents and property damage.

Unexpected situations such as this can be stressful and are generally associated with driver error or negligence causing considerable property damage. If you have been a victim of drunk driving, contact the experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyers at Ellis Law for a free initial consultation to explore your options with a skilled personal injury lawyer.