Advice For Keeping This Summer Construction Season Safe

Summer Is The Season For Construction Accidents

May 10, 2018

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Construction Accidents

It is estimated that around 120 construction workers die every year when doing road construction. The shocking part of that statistic is that almost half of those deaths are caused by other construction workers. Summertime means road construction, and road construction means worker safety issues. When you understand why these construction accidents happen, it becomes easier to prevent them.

When Construction Sites Become Danger Zones

Road construction sites become dangerous for many reasons. Construction vehicles are equipped with back-up alarms that are supposed to warn workers when a truck is backing up, but those alarms become background noise in a work area where car horns can be heard constantly.

When a road construction site is on the opposite side of the flow of traffic, workers are usually forced to park in an area that has them crossing many lanes of traffic to get to the job site. The process of moving workers and equipment into the work area becomes dangerous for everyone involved.

Construction companies should invest in backup cameras for their trucks and put together safe ways to move workers and equipment from parking areas to the work site. When safety details are planned out properly, it can prevent accidents.

Danger From A Distracted Public

It is estimated that 10 percent of the construction workers who are killed on road job sites are struck by distracted drivers. Many of these victims are already in harm’s way to try and help direct traffic. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of non-construction vehicles crashing into work sites and killing workers. The only way it can stop is if the public decides to pay attention to construction warning signs and slow down at job sites.


Road construction is considered high risk work, which means that there should be some form of safety training every day before the shifts begin. Constant safety training reminds workers to be vigilant in looking out for each other, and being careful when they are dealing with the public

Dress Codes

When road construction workers wear dark clothing, then that jeopardizes worker safety. Construction companies should have defined and strict dress codes in place that involve bright-colored vests to help workers to stand out more for drivers passing by, and other workers on the job site.

Regulate The Use Of Sunglasses

During the summer, construction workers become accustomed to wearing sunglasses or goggles with tinted lenses to protect their eyes from the sunlight. But when there is no sunlight, wearing tinted lenses can create a serious worker safety issue. Construction companies should get used to regulating the use of sunglasses and making sure that workers put safety over style.

Be Extra Vigilant When Supervising Night Work

Many construction companies work shifts around the clock to get road projects completed by their deadlines. This means night work, and that brings a whole new set of responsibilities. Supervisors need to be sure that every worker is wearing their reflective clothing and that workers are well-rested when the shift begins. A loss of focus during night work on a road construction site creates a serious safety hazard for every worker.

The statistics show that road construction during the summer is dangerous for workers and the public. Construction companies need to take the necessary steps to prevent construction accidents and enhance worker safety during these busy months. If you are effected by this type of accident, call a Los Angeles construction accident attorney to get on your side.

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