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Speeding Fire Trucks Collide, Injuring 15 in Monterey Park Crash

May 5, 2014

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Two firetrucks responding to an emergency call recently collided in Monterey Park, resulting in one truck careening into a nearby restaurant and injuring at least 15 people.

A pedestrian on the sidewalk outside the restaurant was critically injured when the 40,000-pound fire engine drove him through the restaurant’s window.   Eight restaurant customers were also injured, along with six firefighters.

According to NBC TV-4 news reports, trucks from two nearby jurisdictions collided in the middle of an intersection while responding to a house fire.

Sirens were blaring on both the Monterey Park and Alhambra Fire Department vehicles, and witnesses reported that both trucks had previously sped through red lights.  Firefighters on board each vehicle were wearing required hearing protection equipment, which dampened the noise of the approaching truck.

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The restaurant owner reported that a man had been passing the restaurant on the sidewalk when the firetruck leaped over the curb and crashed into him.  The impact drove him into the interior of the restaurant.  When the truck finally came to a stop, the man was pinned under the bumper.  Additional emergency responders worked frantically to release him.  Commented restaurant owner Vivian Lu, “A lot blood.  I see a lot blood.”

Lu also noted that the crash threw a waitress against the wall and damaged built-in counters and restaurant equipment.  Crash victims were taken to nearby Garfield Medical Center, except for the pedestrian pinned under the truck, who was rushed to the University of Southern California’s Trauma Center in critical condition.  

Although the Chief of the Monterey Park Fire Department said “I have never experienced an accident of this magnitude,” in fact truck accidents are all too common in Southern California.  Fire truck accidents alone account for nearly 30,000 crashes every year in the United States.  This rate has been virtually identical for the past decade.

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Whether the truck is a semi, 18-wheeler, or fire engine, though, pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers and passengers in other vehicles typically bear the brunt of accidents involving trucks.  The difference in size and weight translates into greater momentum for trucks, leading to more injuries and more fatalities among those outside the truck.  Victims of such accidents should consult a Los Angeles truck accident attorney to discuss how to recover for their losses.  Ellis Law Firm attorneys offer no charge case reviews for southern California residents who have been hurt in truck crashes.

Truck accident victims may incur high medical bills, lost earnings, and substantial pain and suffering.  Depending on the circumstances, a victim may be permanently disabled and/or require significant medical treatment for the rest of his or her life.  Of course, the family of the injured party suffers as well, both economically (medical bills, loss of earnings) and non-economically (loss of companionship, parenting, spousal relationship).  A truck accident lawsuit may be needed to help victims and their families cope with the aftermath of the crash.

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