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South L.A. Crash Between a Motorized Scooter and a Car: One Killed, One Injured

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September 6, 2018

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A 17-year-old boy was killed and his brother injured when a Lincoln Town Car hit the motorized scooter they were riding on in South Los Angeles.

Jaylen McFrazier, 17, who was driving the scooter, was killed. His brother, Myron, 14, was injured and taken to a local hospital. One other person appeared to have been on the scooter when it crashed, but no injuries were reported for the third passenger.

The boys’ father, Myron McFrazier, had just seen the motorized scooter pass him without realizing his sons were on it.

None of the individuals riding the scooter were wearing a helmet.

Motor Scooters Not Legal on Streets and Roads

The crash occurred in the early afternoon of Saturday, September 1, in the 200 block of West 92nd Street in the Broadway-Manchester neighborhood, according to the L.A. Fire Department. The Town Car was driving south on Broadway, and didn’t appear to have seen the scooter.

Officials noted that motorized scooters are small and very difficult to see on southern California roads.

In addition, they are not legal to drive on public roads. They are intended for private use.

Mr. McFrazier indicated that he had bought the boys a motor scooter for the holidays, and warned them it was dangerous. He also said the motor scooter in the crash was not his son’s.

Officials at the scene said the driver is not likely to face charges. The investigation, though, is still ongoing.

While the early investigation makes it impossible to speculate about the causes of and liability involved in the crash, some general comments about vehicle accidents and liability can be made. In general, all vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles, need to obey California law, safe rules of the road, and applicable regulations.

Currently, operation of a motorized scooter on public roads is not legal in the state. Parents should use the utmost caution in purchasing such vehicles. They also need to emphasize that they are not to be taken out on streets and roads.

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