Slip and fall on government property in California

Slip and fall on government property in California

December 8, 2021

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Slip & Fall Injury

If you slipped and fell on government property in California, it is important to know what your rights are. If the area was not well maintained or there were no warning signs indicating that the surface was slippery, then you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries sustained during this unfortunate incident.

Can You File a Personal Injury Claim Against a Government Entity?

Every state has different laws and guidelines regarding personal injury claims. In California, it is important to note that the government entity must be found negligent in order for you to recover compensation from them. This means they were careless or did not take proper precautions when maintaining their property, resulting in your slip and fall accident.

For example, if there was ice on a sidewalk during winter but no warning signs were posted indicating this hazard prior to your incident taking place, then you may have a valid claim against the city if they were responsible for upkeep of the sidewalk.

In What Situations Can You File A Suit Against the Government?

You can only sue the government for certain types of personal injury claims. Some examples include car accidents, bus accidents, and slip and falls. When your injuries are due to a premises liability issue and the government had notice of the dangerous condition, you should be able to file a lawsuit.

What Kind of Evidence Do You Need to Support Your Claim?

In order to prove that the government entity was negligent, examples of evidence you may need to provide includes eyewitness testimony, photographs of the scene, and medical records. Video evidence is also helpful if it exists. If you are claiming that a particular surface caused your accident, an expert witness may be necessary to testify on your behalf. Your lawyer could decide to hire an accident reconstruction expert to determine what happened and what caused your injuries.

For example, if you slipped on water in a government building, you would need to bring in an expert who could attest to the fact that there was no rain or other weather conditions present that could have resulted in such an occurrence.

You Must Provide Notice

If you decide to file a personal injury claim against a government entity in California, you are required to file a proper notice of claim. This must be filed within six months of the date of your injury or accident. If this isn’t done, you could lose your right to collect compensation that is owed to you.

Should You Hire an Attorney?

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident on government property, it is important to speak with an attorney who can advise you of your rights and help you file a claim. An experienced Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer will be able to guide you through the process, negotiate with the government entity on your behalf, and represent you in court if necessary. Filing a personal injury claim against a government entity can be challenging. However, it’s certainly not impossible.