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San Pedro Personal Injury Lawyers

Home to the busiest port in the county, the Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro is no stranger to accidents. San Pedro residents suffer from personal injury case-worthy accidents more often than one might think, from assault and battery to car accidents, premise liability, and slips, trips, and falls. Luckily, there are Los Angeles personal injury lawyers that can help when disaster strikes.  

Ellis Injury Law has an expert team of personal injury attorneys ready to help accident victims with legal representation, guidance, and even support throughout their healing and case journey.  We’ve recovered more than $350 million in damages on behalf of our clients over our reputable tenure in the San Pedro area and are happy to add your name to our long list of successes.  

Call your lawyer first  

If you’ve been in an accident, you might think your first call should be to your insurance company. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Insurance companies aren’t in the business of paying out money for claims. In reality, they wish for the opposite: any reason at all that they can deny a claim and save money.  

So, instead of reaching out to an insurance company that doesn’t have your interests in mind, call a lawyer whose job it is to represent you and look out for your best interests.  

What can a personal injury lawyer do for me?  

Personal injury lawyers offer a range of services, but their main job is to help you get the compensation you deserve for any losses associated with your accident.  

Personal injury cases, whether they involve a slip, trip or fall, car crash, or another kind of accident, can be tough as the claimant must be able to prove negligence and liability. In order to do that, there needs to be clear physical evidence like credible witnesses, video footage, or other forensic information. A personal injury lawyer will investigate the accident and gather the evidence necessary to prove your case in settlement negotiations or court.  

How much is my case worth?  

Many personal injury victims wonder how much their case might be worth, hoping for a concrete number they can fight for. However, there is no exact formula for determining a case worth amount as there are many variables that can affect a claim’s value.  

But victims can safely assume that claims from more catastrophic accidents and cause or chronic or severe injuries will be awarded more, while claims that stem from more minor accidents and injuries will be awarded less.  

Trust Ellis Injury Law  

You can count on Ellis Injury Law for expert representation and guidance throughout your personal injury case. With more than 20 years in the San Pedro area, we have the expertise and tenacity to help you throughout this arduous process.  

All of our fees come out of awarded compensation, so you won’t owe us a cent unless we win on your behalf. Call a personal injury lawyer from Ellis Injury Law today to schedule a free consultation.