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San Fernando Truck Accident Lawyers

Accidents happen all the time, but truck accidents have much more serious repercussions than the average accident. San Fernando truck accident victims face horrible life changes from loss of property and lost income to large medical bills, long-term health concerns, and emotional trauma. 

San Fernando truck accident victims don’t have to face all that alone, though. Ellis Law has an expert team of San Fernando truck accident lawyers ready to help victims sort through the aftermath of their accident, and then guide them to their maximum compensation.

Call Ellis personal injury lawyers today to learn more about what Ellis can do for you, from investigation and medical referrals to case negotiations and trials.  

Investigating your truck accident case 

Sadly, truck accident liability and negligence aren’t always easy to prove. This complexity also means that there are many potential avenues for proving fault. An Ellis San Fernando truck accident attorney will thoroughly investigate all the details of your case to determine the best way to prove liability and get you the compensation you deserve.  

There are many different pieces of evidence your lawyer can collect and analyze, including:  

  • Police reports 
  • Witness statements 
  • Accident reports 
  • Truck maintenance records and inspection results 
  • Cell phone records 
  • Driver logs 
  • Electronic Onboard Recording Device data
  • Truck and car wreckage 
  • Truck driver’s medical history, driving record, training, and qualifications  
  • Truck company’s regulation compliance history  
  • Accident weather reports and scene photos

The most successful cases are the most thoroughly researched, so you can rest assured that your Ellis truck accident lawyer will leave no stone unturned in your case.   

Who will pay for the damages in your truck accident?  

As California is a no-fault state, many San Fernando truck accident victims assume that their insurance will cover their injuries and damages. However, most car insurance companies can’t afford to pay out more than the $15,000 minimum, and the majority of truck accidents leave victims needing much more than that.  

That’s where a truck accident personal injury case comes in. The lawsuit and subsequent monetary compensation award will help bridge the gap between what you need as a victim and what your insurance company will pay. Usually, the negligent party’s insurance will cover the settlement or award, but the negligent party could be anyone from the truck driver or the trucking company to the truck maintenance personnel, shipping company, or even truck manufacturer.  

An Ellis Law San Fernando truck accident attorney will make sure that the negligent party is found liable, and that you will receive the maximum possible compensation for your losses, and pain and suffering.  

Trust the experts at Ellis Law Corporation 

Ellis Law Corporation’s team of expert San Fernando truck accident lawyers have the experience, track record, and tenacity needed to get you the best possible results for your case.  

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