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San Fernando Bus Accident Lawyers

San Fernando is one of those towns that has it all. A close-knit, historical community, it’s linked to the greater Los Angeles area by a large public transportation system, including public buses. Unfortunately, any transportation system is only as good as the people and equipment that keep it going. Mechanical problems, human error, or traffic congestion can cause things to go wrong at the worst possible time. When this happens, innocent people sometimes get hurt.  

As personal injury lawyers, we have a stake in what happens in our community. This includes doing our part to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. With that in mind, here are some tips for staying safe while using public transport: 

  • Plan your route ahead of time: It’s important to know where to get on and off the bus to reach your destination. Otherwise, you could easily become disoriented and vulnerable to accidents or crime. 
  • Stand back when the bus is approaching: This goes for the public rail lines as well. The human body is frail when compared to a large motorized vehicle. 
  • Stay alert at all times: Look both ways twice before crossing streets, minimize the use of mobile devices while walking, and avoid being pushed into crowds. 
  • Tell a trusted friend or family member about your trip plans: This is important whether you’re flying across the country or taking a bus to the other side of town.  

Precautions, while important, can never prevent every accident. When the unexpected occurs, it’s important to contact a bus accident lawyer as soon as possible. Prompt action can help you to get the compensation you need. 

What to look for when considering San Fernando bus accident lawyers 

Choosing a San Fernando bus accident attorney requires a due amount of thought and consideration. Here are some tips to help you in your search: 

  • Results speak louder than words: For example, here at Ellis Injury Law, we have recovered over $350 million for accident victims over the years. Can others say the same? 
  • Specialization is important: Not every personal injury attorney has the skill set needed to represent bus accident victims. Transport law is a complex field that requires the proper skills and experience. 
  • Never let the other side intimidate or pressure you: Far too many people make the mistake of trying to deal with bus companies or insurers on their own. These organizations are concerned with their own interests, not necessarily those of accident victims. 
  • Act now, not later: This is the single most important piece of advice we have to offer. Putting off your search for an attorney can rob you of the chance to receive your due share of compensation. The clock is always ticking. 

Contact a personal injury attorney at Ellis Injury Law today to see how we can be of help. We’re available 24/7 for your convenience.  We look forward to speaking with you soon. Till then, we wish you all the best.