San Bernardino Wrongful Death

San Bernardino Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one under tragic circumstances is devastating. If you suspect your loved one’s death is due to a careless act or negligence, a San Bernardino wrongful death attorney can help you get answers. 

At Ellis Law, our compassionate legal team has been helping families for over 25 years. When a family believes their loved one’s loss could have been prevented, seeking experienced counsel can help determine if their death results from a failure to act or wrongdoing. 

Wrongful death claims are difficult, but sometimes they are necessary to attain justice and closure. Financial compensation cannot alleviate your grief. Instead, compensation can serve to ease the financial burden often caused by a loved one’s untimely death. At Ellis Law, our attorneys handle every wrongful death claim in San Bernardino with the care, respect, and sensitivity it deserves. Schedule your consultation today by clicking here or calling (310) 641-3335.

Ellis Law, Compassionate Representation for Your Family

Ellis Law has helped numerous families put their lives back together after a tragic loss. Wrongful death claims are highly sensitive and emotionally charged. You need an attorney who can balance compassion with objectivity, guiding your family through your case with simple, honest responsiveness and a matter-of-fact manner. 

Choosing an attorney is very personal. When making your decision, the most important factors to consider are experience, success record, and a firm’s reputation amongst its peers. 

  • At Ellis Law, our wrongful death lawyers are extensively experienced in complex negligent claims. 
  • Their litigation talent, skills, and winning track record of six and seven-figure settlements have garnered national recognition from the Million & Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and listings on the Top California Super Lawyers. 
  • Our attorneys have earned high regard from the legal community and are members of the American Board of Trial Attorneys, a peer-reviewed, invitation-only organization. 

Why Seek Representation for a Wrongful Death Claim?

Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care that results in injury, damage, or death. In many wrongful death cases, criminal charges have already been brought against a negligent party. While criminal consequences seek to punish the accused, a wrongful death claim serves as a deterrent for others who might engage in similar behavior in the future. 

The extent that negligence played in an individual’s death is directly reflected in the financial compensation awarded. Wrongful death claims are not filed by family members for financial gain, but the amount of compensation represents the severity of wrongdoing.

Wrongful death suits are a critical component of the justice system. It is imperative to address careless, reckless, and negligent acts in a manner that will prevent future deaths. Call Ellis Law today and help avert future unnecessary tragedies. 

When You May Need a Wrongful Death Attorney in San Bernardino

There are many cases when a careless act can cause a loved one’s tragic death. Ellis Law has represented families that have lost loved ones due to; 

  • Fatal traffic collisions
  • Intentional killings, murder
    • In a civil action, a wrongful death claim can be made against an individual who deliberately caused a victim’s death. The civil matter is separate from the criminal case. A family may seek civil damages for the intentional death of their loved one even if the accused is acquitted in criminal court
  • Fires, including inhalation of smoke and toxic gases
    • Fires can result from a landlord or property owner failing to keep smoke detectors in active and good condition. Contractors or electricians can mishandle wires and leave a job unfinished, resulting in an electrical fire, and an individual can intentionally start a fire.
  • Drownings
    • Negligence in drowning accidents is typically attributed to a lack of supervision. Children are disproportionately affected by drowning accidents, accounting for nearly 800 deaths per year. Property owners, camp counselors, and swim coaches have a duty of care to the children in their custody. Negligent drownings can also be found when boat safety features are missing, like floatation devices, ladders, or anchors. 
  • Falls, including slip and falls, falls from heights, workplace falls
    • Falls from heights can result from structural collapses due to neglected damage, defective safety equipment, suspension equipment, or lack of supervision. 
    • Slip and fall claims are typically a premises liability case. However, when injuries from a slip and fall prove fatal, the case falls under the parameters of wrongful death.
  • Poisoning with drugs or toxic chemical exposure
    • Negligence is found when an employer knowingly exposes workers to a toxic substance without taking the proper precautions. 
  • Firearms, including accidents and intentional acts
    • A firearm company may be negligent in a firearm fatality if the design is defective or if the sale or a transfer is illegal. 
    • If a firearm is left unsecured and a child accidentally shoots themselves or another, the gun owner may face criminal and civil consequences. 
  • Suicide
    • Wrongful death claims involving suicide can be more challenging and complex. Negligence can be found when a doctor, therapist, or another professional fails to provide a special duty of care, leading to the suicide. Rules of confidentiality may bind medical, mental health, and other professionals. It is critical to demonstrate that the foreseeable harm outweighs the patient’s rights to privacy. 
    • If a person taunts, ridicules, or engages in other excessive behaviors that cause extreme emotional stress, they may be partially liable for the deceased’s suicidal actions.

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At Ellis Law, our San Bernardino wrongful death lawyers will represent your family’s interests with dignity, respect, and compassion. Most wrongful death claims are settled out of court. However, if your case proceeds to trial, you will have a team of exceptional litigators by your side to fight on your loved one’s behalf. Our personal injury attorneys at Ellis Law will honor your loved one’s memory by seeking justice and compensation. Schedule a free consultation by calling (310) 641-3335 or by clicking here.