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San Bernardino Bus Accident Lawyers

San Bernadino Bus Accident Attorney- Andrew L. Ellis Andy Ellis is one of the most successful bus accident lawyers in Los Angeles California. Meet Mr. Ellis and find out how he helps his clients who are injured in bus accidents.

San Bernardino is located nearly 60 miles east of Los Angeles, and as the 17th-largest city in California, it is bustling with students, families, and visitors from all over the state and country.  

One of the primary modes of transportation is by bus – either public, private, chartered. While many people travel to-and-from their destinations without any problem, nearly 4,000 bus trips across the U.S. in 2016 ended in crashes. 

If you or a family member is injured as a result of a bus accident, the effects can be devastating. In many cases, it can be a damaged vehicle, a trip to the hospital, or worse. And while you may be tending to your wounds or at the hands of a medical professional – the bus company already has a lawyer investigating the crime scene, taking photos and trying to protect their assets.  

You need someone who will do the same for you. The personal injury lawyers of Ellis Injury Law are experts in helping the families and individuals of San Bernardino fight for justice and win.  

Identifying the responsible party 

Our compassionate lawyers will seek to understand the details of the accident, related injuries, and work hard on your behalf to gather evidence, determine the responsible party and hold them accountable.  

While some cases may be straightforward, in others, determining responsibility can be complex. Our experienced San Bernardino attorneys of Ellis Injury Law are well versed at navigating the complexities of bus accidents and identifying potentially liable parties.  This is because responsibility can fall to the: 

  • Bus driverIf a driver’s actions were a result of negligence, distraction, impairment or fatigue – they may be held accountable for related property damages, personal injuries and additional areas of impact. 
  • Parent company: Due to California Common Carrier laws, parent companies of vehicles that charge passenger fees are responsible for providing adequate training to drivers, maintenance to vehicles and ensuring compliance to state regulations. If the parent company does not demonstrate adequate evidence of adherence, they may be liable.  
  • State or local municipalities: Poor road conditions, work zones, improper signage or additional outside conditions may signal the government is required to address the damages of an individual and the parent company. Yet, if this the case, you must act fast.  

Filing a claim 

Typically a plaintiff has up to two years to file a claim against a private company and/or the associated driver in California. However, a claim against a public or government entity must be filed in as little as six months from the date of the accident.  

From the moment you schedule a free consultation with a seasoned San Bernardino bus accident lawyer of Ellis Injury Law, we’re dedicated to the pursuit of justice and helping you and your family get the answers and compensation you deserve. 

While no amount of money can reverse the pain and suffering you’ve experienced, it can help to relieve unnecessary burdens as a result of the accident. Expenses such as property damage, medical bills and loss of wages can be recovered, and future needs can be addressed early.  

When it comes to your health, your finances, and your family, you deserve the best. The law offices of Ellis Injury Law have helped countless families with their legal needs, and have recovered more than $350 million for our clients.  

Contact a seasoned San Bernardino personal injury attorney for a free, one-on-one consultation today, and let us fight for you.