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Rowland Heights Wrongful Death Lawyers

Though death is a part of life, there is nothing natural about the death of a family member as a result of someone else’s negligence or malintent. These horrifying circumstances wreak havoc on lives, including a family’s finances. Surviving family members are legally entitled to seek monetary compensation for their loss through a wrongful death case.  

Rowland Heights Ellis Injury Law wrongful death lawyers have been helping Rowland Heights residents get the justice, compensation, and closure they deserve after the death of a loved one. Our personal injury lawyers not only represent you and your best interests through all legal proceedings but also offer compassionate support and connections to local support and advocacy groups.  

Rather than suffering through the loss of your loved one in silence, and dipinto savings or file for bankruptcy, call an Ellis Rowland Heights wrongful death attorney.  

Compensation in wrongful death claims  

The goal of a wrongful death claim is to win compensation to help cover a range of losses related to the death of the family member. Some of the losses include:  

  • Household support 
  • Inheritance benefits or gifts 
  • Companionship, love or moral support 
  • Guidance for minors 
  • Spousal relations 
  • Financial support including mortgage payments or education  

wrongful death lawyer can also help the bereaved win compensation for death-related expenses like funeral costs, burial costs, and cremation costs, as well as general suffering and emotional distress.  

Only surviving family members can file  

There are laws in place that restrict who can file a wrongful death claim. In California, only a close surviving family member can file. Close surviving family includes children, spouses, and domestic partners.  

In some cases, for example, if there are no qualifying close surviving family members, other people can recover compensation through probate. There are other instances in which others can file a wrongful death claim if they are able to prove that they were financially dependent on the deceased. A wrongful death attorney will best be able to guide you. 

Call Ellis Injury Law  

There are many intricacies involved in wrongful death claims, from determining the compensation amount to deciding who can file.  Your case deserves a deft hand.  

Ellis Injury Law Rowland Heights wrongful death lawyers have the experience necessary to guide you through every aspect of your case. We can help you determine if you have a case, whether you’re allowed to file, and what losses you can claim.  

Don’t leave your case up to fate or leave it in inexperienced hands. Trust an Ellis personal injury attorney. We work on a contingency basis, meaning we do not take a fee unless we recover damages on your behalf in the case. We also offer free initial consultations, so there is no financial risk in pursuing a wrongful death claim with Ellis Injury Law.  

Get in touch with an Ellis Rowland Heights wrongful death attorney today to schedule your free initial consultation.