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Rosemead Car Accident Lawyers

More than 50,000 people call Rosemead their home. As the city continues to grow and its population density increases, its streets will see more cars and potentially more car accidents. The Rosemead car accident lawyers at Ellis Injury Law are dedicated to helping residents recover the full amount of compensation that they are entitled to receive after they have suffered property losses and injuries in automobile accidents in Rosemead or elsewhere in the greater Los Angeles area.   

The more than $350 million we have won for our clients is proof of our skills and success 

The attorneys at Ellis Injury Law have represented accident victims throughout Southern California for more than twenty years. In that time, we have recovered more than $350 million in damages for our clients. We build on that success every day by fighting tirelessly for every one of our car accident clients. 

Speak with an attorney at any time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

Car accidents do not only happen during regular daytime business hours. Whenever you are in a car accident, you can call Ellis Injury Law and you will be connected with a car accident lawyer to discuss the details of the crash. Our attorneys work for our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. Your first priority after you are in an automobile accident will always be your health and wellbeing. Second, to recover the compensation you need to pay for your medical treatment, you will likely need to confront the negligent party’s insurance company. Insurers rush to settle car crash cases quickly. Before you accept any settlement offer, call our firm at any time to talk to an experienced car accident attorney. We will verify that negligent parties and their insurers pay you what you deserve. 

Ellis Injury Law offers free consultations, and you never pay out-of-pocket fees and expenses 

You should never have to worry about paying legal fees after you have a car accident. Our Rosemead car accident lawyers offer free initial consultations about your case, regardless of when you call our firm. Then, if you retain us to help you and we agree to take your case, you will never pay any out-of-pocket fees or expenses to our firm. We earn our fees from the damages that we collect for you. If we cannot recover compensation for you, you will owe us nothing.  

Our knowledge and experience are the keys to our success 

Ellis Injury Law attorneys have represented injured car accident victims in Rosemead and in and around Los Angeles for more than twenty years. We have seen a full range of automobile accidents and we are intimately familiar with the injuries that drivers and passengers suffer, and the costs and expenses that they incur in the process of recovering from those injuries. We use that wealth of knowledge and experience to push back against insurers that attempt to limit insurance recoveries to the medical costs and expenses that you might incur only in the first few days after your accident. You may be entitled to recover additional compensation for future medical expenses and lost wages, as well as for your pain and suffering and other injuries.     

The Ellis Law Corporation will fight for you  

Auto accident victims need a strong advocate who will fight for their interests. The Rosemead car accident attorneys at Ellis Injury Law have provided that strong advocacy for more than twenty years. Call our firm today for the strongest challenge to the insurance companies that would prefer to dismiss your case.