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Rosemead Bus Accident Lawyers

Rosemead has a long history, stretching from Native American farmers to horse and cattle ranchers that gave the city its name. Today, Rosemead is mostly known as an easy commute to Los Angeles with its thorough transportation system that includes city buses, school buses, and private charter buses.  

This convenient bus transportation has a dark side, though, as bus accidents can occur in the Rosemead area. When you’re injured in a bus accident through little or no fault of your own, you can rest assured that the personal injury lawyers at Ellis Injury Law have your back. You can count on our Rosemead bus accident lawyers to help you fight for the compensation you deserve. 

Bus accident liability  

Understanding why a traumatic event, like a bus accident, happened can go a long way towards helping victims heal and move on. It’s also important to understand why a bus accident occurred to determine who is responsible. You can count on a Rosemead bus accident attorney from Ellis Injury Law to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident in order to give you clarity and uncover who can be held liable for your injuries and losses.  

There are several possibilities for liability in a bus accident. In general, bus drivers and bus companies are most commonly liable for accidents because they legally owe all passengers a “duty of care,” meaning they are responsible for safe transportation. There are some instances in which third parties are liable, such as a driver of another vehicle, a government entity responsible for road maintenance, or a mechanic responsible for the bus maintenance.  

What do I do after a bus accident?  

The exact steps of every bus accident claim can vary from case to case, but you can count on your bus accident lawyer to give you accurate and helpful guidance every step of the way.  

If the bus is owned privately, a claim is made with the at-fault driver’s insurance typically within 2 years. The intention of this claim is to seek damages for losses including medical costs, property damage, lost wages, and general pain and suffering.  

The process is different if the bus is owned by a government agency or school district. According to California state law, you must file a claim with the government no later than 6 months after the date of the accident. This government claim must clearly state your personal information and intention to seek compensation, as well as details of the accident such as time, place, circumstances, and incurred losses. 

Ellis Injury Law Rosemead bus accident lawyers 

The right personal injury attorney can make or break your bus accident case.  From referring you to a qualified doctor to treat your specific injuries to guiding you through every aspect of your claim, you can count on Ellis Injury Law. We offer free initial consultations where you can learn more about our services and we can go through the details of your case. Contact an Ellis Rosemead bus accident attorney today.