Rollover Crash Leaves Two Dead, Under Investigation

July 29, 2016

Ellis Law Corporation


A rollover crash near the Avocado Heights area left two people dead on Friday, July 22. The people inside the vehicle have not yet been identified. The crash, which involved the single vehicle, is currently under investigation.

The vehicle was traveling south on the 605 Freeway near the interchange of the 60 Freeway around 7:30 in the morning, according to California Highway Patrol. The driver of the vehicle lost control, going off the side of the freeway and then crashing into a tree and chain link fence. The two people inside were pronounced dead at the scene and the right lane of the highway was closed while law enforcement investigated the accident scene.

Danger of rollover accidents

Rollover accidents are not terribly common, but they are one of the most dangerous. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, rollovers make up only two percent of all crashes but account for more than one-third of passenger deaths. Newer vehicles (2012 or later) are equipped with electronic stability control, which is designed to prevent rollovers from occurring.  This addition has lowered the number of single-vehicle rollovers resulting in a fatality by 70 percent.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists a number of factors that might contribute to the likelihood of a rollover accident. The majority of these crashes occur on roads with a speed limit of 55 MPH or higher. Excessive speed plays a part in 40 percent of all rollovers.

Rollover accidents are also more likely to occur on rural roadways, which are more likely to be undivided and without barriers. Nearly half of all rollover accidents also involve alcohol as a factor in the crash. While taller vehicles like vans or SUVs are the most apt to rollover in the event of a crash, any car can roll if the right conditions are present.

The driver of the vehicle is likely to play a role in the large majority of rollover accidents. This is supported by the fact that as many as 85 percent of all rollover crashes involve a single vehicle. Other factors that might increase the risk for this type of accident are environmental and road conditions.

Rollover injuries

Even when a rollover accident does not result in a fatality, the injuries suffered as a result of the crash can be catastrophic. Common injuries include traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, which can change a person’s life forever. In some cases, the accident victim may no longer be able to care for himself and may require round-the-clock medical care over his lifetime.

Determining liability in a rollover accident usually requires an investigation into exactly how the accident occurred. If a single vehicle was involved in the crash, injured passengers may be able to hold the driver responsible if it is determined that speed, alcohol or other factors were involved. If more than one vehicle was involved, liability can be more difficult to determine, but a proper investigation can often reveal the ultimate cause and responsibility for the crash.

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