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Riverside Personal Injury Lawyers

Ellis Injury Law offers a full range of legal services throughout California. Our successful pursuit of justice over the past 20+ years has enabled us to open 20 California law firm locations. We handle a wide variety of personal injury cases, from accidents and defective products, to construction workplace accidents and elder care abuse – and we are pleased to report a 99% track record of success for our clients.

Anaheim Personal Injury Attorney- Andrew L. Ellis Andy Ellis is one of the most successful Personal Injury Lawyers in California. Meet Mr. Ellis and find out how he helps his clients who have a personal injury case. http://ellisinjurylaw.com.

When recklessness or negligence cause another person physical harm and emotional suffering, we are there to lend an experienced hand. While you may be able to win a minor lawsuit in small claims court, you must always have representation from a personal injury lawyer in the higher courts when your injuries are more substantial. As retired Judge Anthony P. Calisi put it: “Knowledge of complex legal procedures is critical to success. Proceeding without an attorney in any court higher than small claims is a disaster waiting to happen. These higher courts follow strict rules of evidence, permit extensive pre-trial discovery, and otherwise allow attorneys to vigorously represent their clients. Attorneys are experts who enter court prepared for a legal battle they expect to win. Representing yourself in a higher court puts you at a severe disadvantage – you just can’t compete at the same level.”

Our passionate attorneys file lawsuits, investigate claims, gather evidence, procure expert testimony and negotiate settlements on behalf of clients in the state of California.

Top-Ranked Trial Attorneys 

Andy Ellis and his team have obtained more than $350 million in jury awards and settlements won for clients. Our law firm’s diligence and impressive results have landed us among the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the National Top 100 Trial Lawyers. Our accomplishments have been recognized by Best Lawyers Magazine, Super Lawyers, and the American Board of Trial Advocates.

Types of Cases We Handle

Ellis Injury Law Client Testimonial - Electrocution Injury After receiving medical treatment for injuries from an electrocution accident, the next course of action is speaking with a Los Angeles construction accident lawyer at Ellis Law. Watch this testimonial from an actual client who suffered serious electrocution injuries at work. Andy Ellis and his team at Ellis Law Corporation worked aggressively to win this client a settlement she deserved and more. Call today for a free legal evaluation at 310-641-3335. Find more information on Los Angeles Electrocution Injury lawsuit attorneys at https://ellisinjurylaw.com/construction-accident-lawyer/

A good bulk of our clients are people in need of a strong Riverside injury lawyer. California is one of the most dangerous places in America to drive, with over 3,000 fatalities and 10,000 injuries on our highways and roads each year. We have seen everything from traumatic brain injuries and lost limbs to spinal cord damage and wrongful deaths in this type of case.

We have also litigated:

  • Construction / workplace accidents
  • Premises liability, dog bites, and slip/trip/fall injuries
  • Elder abuse, police brutality and assaults
  • Product liability, birth injuries, defective drugs/devices
  • Wrongful deaths

No case is too big or too small to receive attention from a compassionate legal team who is concerned about your well-being and financial viability in the coming months. Through personal, professional service, we help people get their lives back together following serious injury. Holding negligent parties responsible for the harm they’ve caused is an important part of the process, as well as your legal right. We’ll cover all possible legal options, answer any questions you have, and pursue the highest possible compensation.

Serving Riverside, California 

Many people wonder, “How can I possibly afford an attorney when I have such exorbitant medical bills as it is and I haven’t gone by to work yet?” The answer is simpler than you may think. Good lawyers who have been in the business for a while and know what they are capable of achieving through settlement negotiations and the courts offer their services on a contingency basis. This means YOU PAY NOTHING UPFRONT. Instead, you pay a pre-arranged percentage of the compensation we win for you. That way, you can rest assured the lawyers are working hard because they want to be paid for their time and effort, too.

Attorneys with a Winning Track Record

Every case is unique, but a few of the successful outcomes secured by our attorneys include:

  • $4.1 million to a certified forklift operator involved in a propane cylinder explosion
  • $3 million to a delivery van driver who was struck by the driver of an 18-wheeler who had fallen asleep
  • $1 million when a bus rear-ended several cars – including our client, a taxi cab driver who needed back surgery
  • $1 million for a birth injury when a doctor cut too deeply during a cesarean birth, causing harm to the newborn
  • $350,000 for a client who needed shoulder and knee surgery after a shoe store sign fell from its post

Riverside Personal Injury Attorney Location

Why not choose the best legal representation available to you? Remember, we only work on a contingency fee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting our Riverside personal injury law firm location to learn about your legal options.

If you’ve been injured in an accident or suffered an injury on someone else’s property or been hurt in a slip and fall accident, you have the right to take legal action. A Riverside personal injury attorney will make sure that you are equipped with a knowledgeable lawyer that will fight for the settlement you deserve.