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Los Angeles Car Accident Lawsuit

rear impact collision
Awarded: $2,400,000
Practice Area: Automobile Accidents
Heavy Rear-Impact Collision

After a three-year legal battle, Ellis Law Firm won a $2.4 million jury verdict for our clients, a husband and wife who were involved in a rear-impact collision on the 10 freeway at Yucaipa Boulevard in Redlands. The husband suffered soft tissue damage and the wife developed intercostal neuralgia, including severe long-term pain in the abdomen, lower back and neck. Our team of expert witnesses included not only the family’s doctor, but a pain management specialist, an orthopedic expert, a medical insurance billing expert, a crash reconstructionist, as well as friends and loved ones of the plaintiffs who could testify to the life-altering ramifications of our clients’ injuries.

The initial offer from the County of San Bernardino was $120,000. When our offer, as per our clients’ request, of $550,000 was turned down, we went to trial. Andy Ellis along with co-counsel Britt Karp presented an array of convincing evidence to the jury and they awarded $2.4 million in damages to our clients — twenty times the amount of the defendants’ original offer.


Last modified: 01/10/22