San Bernardino Car Accident Settlement

California Immigrant Driver Licenses impact hit and run 2015
Awarded: $2,428,535
Practice Area: Automobile Accidents

Mr. S and his wife, Mrs. S and the front seat passenger, were traveling eastbound on the I-10 freeway in lane #1. Their vehicle, a 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage, was at a complete stop due to traffic.  The defendant, who was driving a 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe, was traveling behind Mr. S and his wife, failed to stop and rear-ended them.  It was later revealed that the vehicle the defendant was traveling in was owned and operated by the County of San Bernardino.

Mr. S injured his spine, from neck to lower back and was able to feel pain relief with physical therapy.  He incurred around $11,700 in medical expenses.  Mrs. S, on the other hand, incurred around $155,000.  Mr. Ellis was able to recover $2,428,535.08 on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. S from the jury.

Last modified: 01/10/22