Los Angeles Wrongful Death Claims and Settlement - Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settlement in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Wrongful Death Settlement

Awarded: $985,000
Practice Area: Wrongful Death

Mr. C was seen by a physician assistant at Doe Medical. After a series of test, the physician assistant diagnosed him with Type II diabetes and the flu.  The physician assistant then prescribed Mr. C with Pioglitazone and Tamiflu.  The next day, Mr. C’s wife, Mrs. Cohen received a phone call from Doe Medical instructing her to stop Mr. C from taking his prescribed medication because of his elevated glucose levels and to send him to the emergency room immediately.  It turned out that Pioglitazone can exacerbate diabetes and Mr. C should have never been prescribed this medication.  Mrs. C followed the instructions given to her, however, Mr. C collapsed as he was exiting the door of his home while attempting to get to the hospital.  The paramedics were contacted and Mr. C was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.  Mr. C’s passing resulted in Doe Medical’s negligence in failing to acknowledge his elevated glucose levels at the time of his visit and for prescribing a medication that is harmful to diabetics.  Mr. Ellis was able to recover $985,000 on behalf of Mr. C’s family.

Last modified: 11/15/22