Los Angeles Trip & Fall Lawsuit

Los Angeles Trip & Fall Lawsuit

Awarded: $500,000
Practice Area: Premise Liability
Chef Loses Career After Fall

The Plaintiff, Ms. V an award-winning chef, was leaving a classroom at a local high school where she teaches a night class to high school parents on how to cook nutritious food for their children.

A day or two earlier the school had cut down a large tree and left a stump about 6 to 8 inches off the ground in the middle of the grass walkway. Ms. V was crossing the grassy area at night, heading to her car, her hands full of books and cooking utensils. Due to lack of lighting, she was unable to see the stump and tripped over it, landing face forward onto outstretched arms.

Unfortunately, she required two shoulder surgeries.  The resulting injuries prevented her from going back to being a full-time chef.  Ms. V seized the opportunity to shift careers and went back to school to get her Master’s degree in nutrition.

After two and a half hard-fought years, she was awarded $500,000 through the efforts of Ellis Law Attorneys.

Last modified: 06/6/22