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LA Slip and Fall Settlement

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Awarded: $865,000
Practice Area: Premise Liability
Serious Slip And Fall Injury

During a trip to the movies, our client, “Mrs. F”, went to go get popcorn while her children went to go get a seat in the theater.

While waiting at the concession stand, our client slipped in a pool of liquid on the floor. She fell back with great force, hitting her head in the process.  Mrs. F required surgery as a result of the fall. The surgery resulted in some added complications, but ultimately she recovered.

Evidently, there was a leak from the refrigerator behind the counter. It took many depositions to prove that this leak existed.

Our investigator sought out all the witnesses that were there the day of the accident, and we were able to take the depositions of three separate witnesses who all confirmed that they observed a leak  coming from underneath the counter. The defendant continued to deny its liability until we took the deposition of the plumbing company that performed repairs and maintenance of the theater location.

Finally, we were able to prove liability and Mrs. F recovered a settlement in the amount of $ 865,000.

Last modified: 01/10/22