LA Pedestrian Truck Accident Settlement

LA Pedestrian Truck Accident Settlement

Awarded: $350,000
Practice Area: Automobile Accidents
Elderly Man Hit By Garbage Truck

An elderly gentleman, Mr. W, was hit by a city trash truck that ran a red light. For over three years the city kept denying liability and avoiding paying for the damages associated with this accident.

Our client Mr. W hurt his neck and back. Of course, being 67 years of age, he had prior neck and back issues from the natural wear and tear of growing older. As the Defendant in this case, the city took the position that all of Mr. W’s injuries were due to his age.

After fighting for over three years on behalf of Mr. W, Ellis Law was able to convince the city that his injuries were direct results of this garbage truck accident. The city finally caved and Mr. W was awarded $350,000.

Last modified: 01/10/22