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Redondo Beach Car Accident Lawyers

When you’re on the road, you put your trust in other drivers to obey the law. Even the best drivers on the road can be involved in a serious accident if another motorist makes a bad choice behind the wheel. Usually, things carry on safely, but sometimes, accidents happen. If you’ve been involved in a collision that was caused by another driver’s irresponsibility, you should schedule a consultation with Redondo Beach car accident lawyers from Ellis Law immediately. With experienced legal counsel in your corner, you’ll be able to fight for the compensation you deserve. 

We’ve secured over $350 million for our clients 

Though every accident is different, and no outcome can be guaranteed, Ellis Law does have a proven track record of getting results. In the 25-plus years we’ve been practicing law in Southern California, we’ve won over $350 million in damages for accident victims just like you. Here are some examples of compensation amounts that we’ve secured for our clients: 

  • $2.4 Million: Auto accident in traffic involving San Bernardino city vehicle 
  • $1.4 Million: Heavy rear-ended caused by commercial trucker 
  • $2.9 Million: Collision caused by unsafe lane change 
  • $400,000: Car crash on the 101 in Santa Barbara 

Schedule a free consultation today 

If you think you may have a case, it’s worth exploring your options. Contact a car accident lawyer with Ellis Law today, and make an appointment for a free and confidential legal consultation. This is a no-obligation consultation. It won’t cost you a thing, whether or not you choose to retain our services. If you’re too injured to travel, do not despair. We’ll make a time to come and visit you in your home or care facility. We can put together the details surrounding your accident and seek to establish fault, and calculate an appropriate settlement amount. The only way to know for sure whether or not you have grounds for a case is to meet with an expert. 

Top-notch representation with no upfront legal fees 

If we decide you have a case and you decide to hire us, we can get to work right away with no upfront legal fees. Every car accident attorney from Ellis Law works on contingency fees. This means our payment is contingent on you winning your case. In the unlikely event you fail to win compensation or agree to a settlement, you won’t owe us a penny in legal fees. We know hiring a lawyer can be expensive but money shouldn’t be a barrier that keeps you from seeking the compensation you deserve. 

Win damages to cover your bills and more 

Bills can pile up quickly after an auto accident. Car repairs and medical bills are made worse by missed hours on the job. Work with a lawyer from Ellis Law and seek funds to cover all of these expenses, and possibly even an amount to cover your pain and suffering. Car accidents can happen to anyone, even great drivers. They shouldn’t knock you into bankruptcy, especially if they were caused by another motorist’s negligence. Take back control of your situation. Schedule a free consultation today.