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Ellis Injury Law Secures $610,000 Car Accident Settlement

On August 6, 2020, Ellis Injury Law secured a favorable personal injury settlement for a client who was seriously harmed by an impaired driver. The case was settled by associate attorney Brandon Corday, an essential member of our legal team.

$610,000 settlement recovered for car accident victim

Ellis Injury Law filed a personal injury lawsuit in the Superior Court of the State of California, Ventura County on behalf of our client. The plaintiff suffered serious injuries when a driver – who was under the influence of marijuana — struck his vehicle on Interstate 70 in Colorado during heavy snow. Given the inclement weather conditions, coupled with the velocity of the impact, the plaintiff needed extensive medical treatment, including neck surgery.

Defense claims pre-existing conditions

The defense claimed our client had pre-existing conditions and was injured in a previous incident, attempting to avert liability. Both parties enlisted expert testimony, which ultimately proved unsuccessful for the defense who failed to demonstrate that a prior accident caused the plaintiff’s injuries. In the end, our client was awarded $610,000.00 in damages.

Award-winning personal injury representation

Ellis Law Corporation provides powerful personal injury representation to clients throughout Southern California. Our highly skilled trial attorneys have experience handling in personal injury matters from auto and truck accidents, to premises liability and defective products, construction site injuries and more. For more information about how we can help you, please call our Los Angeles headquarters for a free consultation.

Ellis Law Announces $305,000 Personal Injury Settlement

Ellis Injury Law is proud to announce a $305,000 settlement procured on June 22, 2020, by associate attorney Boris Briskin. The settlement arises from a rear-end collision that caused our client’s vehicle to roll over, resulting in neck and back injuries.

$305,000 settlement for plaintiff rear-ended by drunk driver

The personal injury action was brought on behalf of our client, who was rear-ended by a drunk driver while he was stopped at a red light. The impact of the collision caused his car to flip over at the intersection. The plaintiff suffered from injuries to the neck and back, as well as chronic pain.

Our counsel was able to secure the entire insurance policy limit in the case, which amounted to more than six times the plaintiff’s medical expenses after he completed his treatment and reached maximum medical improvement.

Ellis Law Firm has been successfully representing personal injury victims in California for more than 25 years. It is our goal to obtain the best possible result for our clients, and our track record of high-value settlements and verdicts speaks to our commitment and negotiating prowess.

Dedicated legal representation that gets results

After a serious vehicle accident, your choice of Los Angeles personal injury lawyer makes a world of difference. For aggressive, results-focused advocacy on a contingent-fee basis, you can count on Ellis Injury Law.  Our veteran trial attorneys have recovered over $350 million on behalf of injury victims, and we are proud to count this recent settlement among our many legal victories.

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Ellis Injury Law Reflects On A Successful Summer

This year has been challenging for everyone on virtually every level, from threats of illness and job loss to quarantine and homeschooling. It’s been a time of uncertainty for all of us, particularly those recovering from serious injuries and resulting legal action. Throughout this time, Ellis Law has worked diligently to resolve cases as efficiently as possible under these unprecedented circumstances. Though many courtrooms have been fraught with delays, we have successfully settled several lawsuits. Here are some of those great results. Congratulations to all our attorneys who worked so hard to give our clients the justice they deserved.

Dump Truck Accident Resulting in a Year Off Work

Our client was driving a company delivery truck on the Antelope Valley freeway when a man in a dump truck rear-ended him. The accident caused severe damage to the cervical and lumbar spine, causing our client to go through extensive rehabilitation and miss a year of work. Attorney Justina Ramon took this case to the State of California courtroom and recovered $175,000 on June 30th.

Herniated Disc in a Rear-End Auto Accident

Our client was with her 15-month-old grandson and slowing down for traffic ahead on the I-105 when a rear-end collision caused significant damage to her vehicle, as well as a painful herniated disc. On June 30th, Attorney Justina Ramon secured a settlement of $175,000 to cover the medical bills and full vehicle replacement cost.

DUI Car Rollover Accident

Our client was struck in the rear undercarriage by an intoxicated woman while sitting at a red light. The vehicle flipped over in the intersection, causing neck and back pain. Attorney Brandon Corday took this case to the State of California higher court on June 30th and secured $305,000.

Motor Vehicle Crash Causing Spine Injury

Our client had been traveling on Interstate 70 in the State of Colorado on a snowy day when a driver under the influence violently struck his vehicle, resulting in a lifelong spinal cord injury. On August 6th, Attorney Boris Briskin secured $610,000 for the client’s recovery.

Ellis Law wishes everyone in the Los Angeles community and throughout the state of California the best as we continue to battle this pandemic. Stay safe. Take care of each other. And if there is anything we can do to help, please give us a call.

Ellis Injury Law Shares Recent Settlement Victories

Justice blindfolded lady holding scales and sword statue

Ellis Injury Law has an outstanding reputation for tenacity and skill when it comes to litigating personal injury cases. We’ve secured many multi-million-dollar settlements and jury awards for our clients over the past 25 years, helping them put their lives back together after an accident. Our attention to detail and client-centered attitude are second-to-none, and our results speak for themselves.

Here are some recent examples of successful settlements we have negotiated in recent years:

$2,428,535 Car Accident Settlement

Ellis Injury Law represented Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sanchez in Alfred Sanchez et al. v. Steve Rivera et al., which was filed in the Superior Court of California, San Bernardino.

On November 1, 2013, Mr. Sanchez and his wife, Ana Sanchez, along with a front seat passenger, were driving eastbound on the I-10 freeway in a 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage. While they were at a complete stop due to traffic, the defendant, who was in a 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe, failed to stop and rear-ended them.  

Because of the rear-end accident, Mr. Sanchez injured his spine, from neck to lower back. He incurred around $11,700 in medical expenses. Luckily, he was able to feel pain relief with physical therapy. Mrs. Sanchez incurred around $155,000 in medical expenses. 

Using the expert testimony of Chiropractors, a Radiologist, Pain Management Specialists, and many other physicians, Mr. Ellis was able to recover $2,428,535.08 on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez.

$985,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement

Ellis Injury Law filed a medical malpractice (wrongful death) lawsuit, referred to as Fred Cohen, Jr. et al. v. Doe Medical et al., in the Superior Court of California – Los Angeles. The case sought damages for the death of Fred Cohen and was filed by Fred’s wife, Patricia Cohen.

Mr. Cohen was seen by a physician assistant at Doe Medical.  After a series of tests, the physician assistant diagnosed him with Type II diabetes and the flu.  The physician assistant then prescribed Mr. Cohen with Pioglitazone and Tamiflu.  The next day, Patricia Cohen received a phone call from Doe Medical, instructing her to stop Mr. Cohen from taking his prescribed medication because of his elevated glucose levels and to send him to the emergency room immediately.  It turned out that Pioglitazone can exacerbate diabetes, and Mr. Cohen should have never been prescribed this medication.

Mrs. Cohen followed the instructions given to her. However, Mr. Cohen collapsed as he was exiting the door of his home while attempting to get to the hospital.  The paramedics were contacted, and Mr. Cohen was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Mr. Cohen’s tragic and unnecessary passing resulted from Doe Medical’s negligence in failing to acknowledge his elevated glucose levels at the time of his visit and for prescribing a medication that is harmful to diabetics.  Mr. Ellis was able to recover $985,000 on behalf of Mr. Cohen’s family.

$175,000 in Premises Liability Case

Ellis Injury Law represented Kaisene Kinsey against J.R. Pipeline Co., Inc. in a premises liability case filed in Superior Court of California – Los Angeles.

On November 24, 2014, Mr. Kinsey and his mechanic were working on his vehicle in the parking lot outside of his apartment complex.

At the time, the sewer lines were being worked on, and the parking garage had been closed off.  The construction company working on the sewer lines provided storage containers, or bins, for the tenants to use in the meantime.  The construction company dug up a trench that was 1 ½ feet wide and 3 feet deep.  Mr. Kinsey, as he was carrying his 30-pound pallet jack to his storage container, stepped over the trench and placed his foot onto a 2-foot concrete slab that was placed in front of his storage bin. As he began to take his second step towards the storage container, the earth beneath him gave way, causing him to fall backward and into the trench, along with the pallet jack, which landed on his chest.  It was later revealed that the construction company left the trench uncovered for 3 weeks prior to Mr. Kinsey’s fall.  It was not until after his fall that the trench was filled in. 

Mr. Kinsey incurred about $58,000 in medical costs, and his injuries are chronic. Mr. Ellis was able to recover $175,000 on his behalf.  

How can Ellis Law help you?

Like the injury victims we served in these successful settlements, you can trust Ellis Injury Law for client-driven advocacy that gets superior results.

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Ellis Injury Law Announces Recent Motor Vehicle Accident Settlements

When you’ve been hurt in a motor vehicle accident and are struggling with medical bills, you need a personal injury law firm with proven results, including recoveries in the millions of dollars.

The attorneys at Ellis Injury Law are proud to share our case outcomes and courtroom triumphs, as they speak to the intensity of our commitment to every client we take on. Our talented lawyers routinely win complex cases, earning us membership in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the American Board of Trial Advocates.

We deftly handle trials, arbitrations, and high-value negotiations in California courts, helping clients secure the maximum compensation to which they are entitled.

The following are some of our most recent settlements in personal injury – car accident claims:

$2,450,000 Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement

Ellis Injury Law filed a vehicle accident lawsuit, Eduardo Corona v. Christopher Leanos et al. in the Superior Court of California – Los Angeles. The case settled on July, 14, 2017.

Details of the Case: Our client, Eduardo Corona, was driving his Chevy Malibu southbound on the I-405 freeway.  He was rear-ended by the defendant as he was nearing the Sunset Boulevard exit.  The impact of the crash caused Mr. Corona’s Malibu to strike a 2012 Ford SUV from the rear. Our client suffered multiple injuries to his neck and lower back as a result of the collision, requiring two spinal surgeries and lumbar epidural injections. His medical expenses came to $472,000.

Results: Senior Partner Andrew Ellis brought in a number of experts, including an Orthopedic surgeon, Psychologist, Life Care Planner, Economist, and Vocational Rehabilitation specialist to demonstrate the impact of our client’s injuries, pain and suffering. Andy Ellis was able to recover $2,450,000 in the case.

$2 Million Auto Accident Settlement

Ellis Injury Law filed a motor vehicle accident lawsuit, Oscar Muniz v. Jeremy Taylor et al, in the Superior Court of California – Los Angeles. The case settled on March 23,2019.

Details of the Case: Our client, Mr. Muniz, was driving northbound on the I-5 freeway in lane #1.  Traffic on the I-5 heading northbound came to a stop. About 4-5 seconds after Mr. Muniz came to a halt, the defendant — who was traveling behind Mr. Muniz – rear-ended our client. Mr. Muniz sustained major injuries to his left shoulder and lower back, causing significant pain. He had to have bilateral micro decompression surgery, epidural injections, and will need rotator cuff repair surgery in the future.  His hospital and medical bills totaled $256,000.

Results:  Andrew Ellis enlisted several experts, including an engineer in bio mechanics who provided scientific evaluation of injuries to determine causation. Mr. Ellis was able to secure $2 million on behalf of Mr. Muniz.

$1,990,000 Truck Accident Settlement

Ellis Law filed a lawsuit, Ananise Scott v. Leonel Garibay et al. in the Superior Court of California – Riverside. The case was settled on February 14, 2018.

Details of the Case: Our client, Mr. Scott, was traveling northbound on the I-215 Freeway in lane #4.  As he was nearing the University Avenue exit in Riverside, the defendant proceeded to make an unsafe lane change by merging from lane #3 to lane #4 and eventually struck the left side of Mr. Scott’s 2015 Nissan Altima. The defendant was driving a semi-truck with a McKinney Box Trailer attached. Our client suffered serious back injuries requiring lumbar micro-decompression surgery and two lumbar epidurals. His medical expenses totaled $201,062

Results: Andrew Ellis and co-counsel Britt Karp brought in an Orthopedic surgeon, an Economist, a Life Care Planner and a Billing expert, and recovered $1,990,000 on Mr. Scott’s behalf.

Results-focused representation in Southern California

At Ellis Injury Law, we have the resources and experience to champion your rights, and are among an elite group of attorneys who have secured multi-million dollar settlements for clients. Whether you were injured in a car accident, a slip and fall, or because of an unsafe workplace, you can count on our team for staunch, client-centered advocacy.

There are no fees unless we win, so you have everything to gain by scheduling a free case review with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer today.

Recent Settlement Highlights from Ellis Injury Law

The attorneys of Ellis Injury Law continue to prove their talent in complex personal injury litigation. These recent settlements speak to our pretrial negotiating skills and unwavering resolve to obtain maximum compensation for clients. We have achieved numerous million and multi-million dollar victories over the past 25 years, and while we never make unrealistic claims as to your future recovery, our success rate in handling claims is 96%!

Here are a handful of our recent settlement results.

$1,990,000 Car Accident Settlement

Ellis Injury Law filed a motor vehicle accident lawsuit, Ananise Scott v. Leonel Garibay et al. in the Superior Court of California – Riverside. The case was settled on March 28, 2019.

Facts of the Case: In 2016, Mr. Scott was driving his 2015 Nissan Altima on the I-215 in lane #4, when the defendant, who was driving a Freight Tractor with a McKinney Box Trailer attached, made an unsafe lane change, striking the left side of Mr. Scott’s car. Our client suffered major back injuries requiring lumbar micro-decompression surgery and two lumbar epidurals. His medical expenses totaled $181,000.

Results: Leveraging the testimony of two Life Care Planners, an Orthopedic Expert and Billing Expert, attorney Andrew Ellis was able to demonstrate the true cost of his client’s injuries, economic expenses, and future losses.  Mr. Ellis was able to secure $1,990,000 on behalf of Ananise Scott.

$1 Million Truck Accident Settlement

Ellis Injury Law filed a motor vehicle accident lawsuit, Lois Price v. John Bruno Best et al. in the Superior Court of California – Los Angeles. The case settled on April 19, 2019.

Facts of the Case: Our client, Ms. Lois Price, was driving her Toyota Camry on the I-405.  Noticing slower traffic ahead near the Los Coyotes exit, she reduced her speed accordingly. Seconds later, a large commercial truck rear-ended her vehicle, causing her to suffer severe injuries to the neck and left shoulder. Despite three epidural injections in her cervical spine, Ms. Price will need surgery in the future.  She accumulated medical costs of approximately $262,000.

Results: Attorneys Andrew Ellis and Britt Karp brought in a Vocational Economist and a Life Care Planner to demonstrate the extent and severity of the client’s losses, pain, and suffering. We were able to secure a $1 million motor vehicle accident settlement for Ms. Lois Price.

$110,000 Premises Liability Settlement

Ellis Injury Law filed a premises liability lawsuit, Jorge Vaca v. Doe, Inc. with the Superior County Court of California – Los Angeles. This case settled on June 13, 2019.

Facts of the Case: Our client, Mr. Jorge Vaca, was unloading a product pallet inside of the defendant’s warehouse in the course of his regular job duties.  He was using an electric pallet power jack when a warehouse employee, Ms. Doe, ran over our client’s foot while operating a forklift. Mr. Vaca sustained a distal fibula fracture and ligament damage to his ankle as a result of Ms. Doe’s negligence and failure to notice her surroundings. 

Results: Attorneys Andrew Ellis and Kelly Sorensen recovered a $110,000 settlement for Jorge Vaca who incurred $21,000 in medical expenses and will require extensive physical therapy.

Experienced personal injury representation

Ellis Injury Law is among the most respected law firms representing personal injury victims in Southern California. In the past two decades, our attorneys have recovered over $350 million in damages for clients, and we take pride in offering client-driven advocacy that gets exceptional results.

Call our office 24/7 to schedule a free consultation about your legal rights. Our practice areas include catastrophic injury, premises liability, motor vehicle accidents, defective products, and workplace injuries. Our personal injury law firm, headquartered in Los Angeles, has the resources to take care of clients during the entire legal process. There are no fees unless we win money in your case, so reach out to schedule a no-obligation case review.

Ellis Law Presents Recent Settlement Results

Justice blindfolded lady holding scales and sword statue

The Los Angeles personal injury firm of Ellis Law is proud to share some of our recent settlement highlights. Though these cases are no guarantee of future results, they do demonstrate what is possible in a California personal injury case. They also highlight the importance of choosing a firm with an established network of investigators, experts, and medical consultants who are fully committed to the clients they serve.

$2.5 Million Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement

Ellis Law filed a motor vehicle accident lawsuit, Kendolyn Wright v. Richard Williams et al. in the Superior Court of California – Los Angeles. The case settled on November 14th, 2018.

Facts of the Case: Our client, plaintiff Kendolyn Wright, was traveling northbound in a Ford Expedition when the defendant, an employee of Young’s Holding Inc, made an unsafe left-hand turn in his 18-wheeler. After bouncing off Ms. Wright’s SUV, Mr. Williams’ 18-wheeler collided with another vehicle traveling northbound on Crenshaw Boulevard, causing it to spin out and collide with a fourth vehicle. The plaintiff was trapped inside her car and needed to be extracted by firefighters. She sustained severe upper body injuries, requiring laminectomy and arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery in both shoulders. Her medical bills totaled $628,968.

Results: We brought in several experts, including a radiologist, two orthopedic surgeons, a billing specialist, a psychologist, a vocational rehabilitation specialist, a life care planner, an economist, and an engineer. Andrew L. Ellis secured $2.5 million for the client, which accounted for some of the emotional pain and suffering she endured.

$9,696,000 Premises Liability Settlement

Ellis Law filed a premises liability lawsuit, Maria Rincon et al. v. Simon Property Group, Inc et al. with the Superior County Court of California – San Bernardino. This case settled on February 27, 2018.

Facts of the Case: Mrs. Rincon and her family were shopping at a mall in Ontario, California on January 7th, 2014. As they were grabbing a bite to eat in the mall food court, a large wood veneer ceiling panel fell on top of them, causing severe injuries. Maria Rincon required two $606,000 lumbar surgeries, but suffered ongoing failed back syndrome, which will require a third surgery to install a spinal cord stimulator. Her brother-in-law, Marcos Rincon, required $79,000 lumbar surgery as well and will need a second surgery in the future.    

Results: With the testimony of a biomechanic, general contractor, architect, and structural engineer, Andrew Ellis was able to prove that a faulty installation directly led to the ceiling’s collapse and harm to the plaintiffs. He brought in a radiologist, billing expert, two orthopedic surgeons, vocational rehabilitation expert, an economist, a psychologist, a physical medicine rehabilitation therapist, and a life care planner to validate the level of injuries sustained and estimate future medical expenses. Maria Rincon received $8,675,000 for her injuries, while Marcos Rincon received $1,021,000 for his.

$400,000 Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement

Ellis Law filed a motor vehicle accident lawsuit, Timothy Claxton v. Frank Portillo et al. with the Superior Court of California – Santa Barbara. The case settled on January 31st, 2018.

Facts of the Case: On September 25th, 2015, Timothy Claxton was in the front passenger seat of a Toyota Prius, which was stopped on the 101 Freeway northbound. Frank Portillo failed to stop his Ford F-150, which struck our client’s vehicle, sending it into the stopped vehicle ahead and requiring emergency transport from the scene. Mr. Claxton required an epidural, a medial branch block, and a facet joint injection to his lumbar spine. After amassing medical bills of $31,852, he was advised that he will need future lumbar surgery.

Results:  Andrew Ellis brought in an orthopedic surgeon, economist, vocational rehabilitation expert, and life care planner to assist with the case. Mr. Ellis was ultimately able to recover $400,000 on behalf of Mr. Claxton to provide for his past, present, and future needs.

Free Case Reviews & Contingency-Based Legal Representation

Have you or a loved one suffered a serious injury due to someone else’s negligence? Then please call Ellis Law for a free case assessment. Together we can go over your liability concerns, review your injuries, and determine the best course of action for your situation. Our services cost nothing upfront. We work on a contingency basis, meaning that you only pay legal fees if we secure compensation on your behalf. Keep in mind there are time constraints for filing a personal injury lawsuit, so don’t wait until it’s too late. The sooner you take action, the sooner we can help resolve your case.

Ellis Law Wins $2.4M Jury Verdict Following Three-Year Legal Battle


Ellis Law is pleased to announce our recent victory and a multi-million dollar jury verdict in a serious auto accident case. Our clients came to us after a heavy rear-impact collision on the 10 freeway at Yucaipa Boulevard in Redlands, which pushed the vehicle into the center divider, causing the airbags to deploy forcefully. The impacting vehicle was driven by a man working for the County of San Bernardino District Attorney’s office.

The accident left the husband with soft tissue injuries amounting to $10,000 in medical bills. The wife was initially treated for soft tissue injuries, but soon developed intercostal neuralgia – a severe pain in the abdomen – as well as neck and lower back injuries. She saw a pain management specialist for many months and underwent a number of nerve blocks and ablations to manage her condition.

The Battle

The defendants enlisted the help of a neurologist and a billing expert to dispute the medical expenses. Meanwhile, we brought in the couple’s medical team, which included their family practitioner, psychologist, pain management specialist, and orthopedic expert. We also tapped the expertise of a well-known accident reconstructionist and bio-mechanic and our own billing expert. We brought in the plaintiffs’ coworkers and children to enhance the emotional appeal of the toll these injuries have taken on the friends and loved ones they knew so well.

Our cross-examination of the defense counsel’s neurologist revealed that he was unprepared for trial. He not only was missing records and foggy on the details of the case, but he held the outrageous position that eight different doctors had missed a “preexisting condition” of herpes Zoster – which he blamed for the wife’s injuries. We simply referred to the National Institutes of Health standards for diagnosing viruses to crumble his entire theory.

It also helped that we were familiar in dealing with their so-called billing “expert”, who believes in the “Medicare + 130%” formula for calculating “reasonable” medical expenses, which is just not in line with reality. We pointed to records showing that Ventura County was charging Medicare + 154%. Beyond that, we made the case that our plaintiffs were not Medicare eligible, so the numbers had no bearing in this case. The defense also tried to tap their billing expert as a secondary “doctor”, but it became immediately evident that his expertise did not extend beyond billing.

Over the years, we have learned that conducting a series of interviews with our clients prior to trial is the best way to find the true, down-to-earth, core story that they have to tell. Our doctors – some of which had never testified on the stand before — performed very convincingly in court. It helps to have consummate professionals backed with MRIs and other documents who can enhance the credibility of your legal arguments. Our reconstruction expert brought his own fantastic exhibits.

It wasn’t always easy coordinating everyone’s schedules, particularly around the holiday season, but Paralegal Brenda Dranow, who has been with the firm for over 20 years now, was instrumental in making sure everybody got to the courthouse and was prepared.

The Result

The County of San Bernardino initially offered $120,000 to settle the case. In the final days before trial, they raised their offer to $375,000. We sought $965,000 in our lawsuit filing, but lowered the amount to $550,000, at the clients’ request. The discrepancy was enough to take us right to the trial. We weren’t backing down!

Judge Michael Sachs, a veteran of  the San Bernardino County court system for 20 years, has a reputation as a very fair-minded judge. The County of San Bernardino was ordered to pay our clients an extraordinary sum of $2.4 million.

“This was a hard-fought victory for our team,” reflects Andy Ellis. “Winning is not just about the black-and-white facts of a case, but about bringing out the powerful stories that people have to tell.”

He went on to praise his co-counsel. “Britt Karp is a rising star for the firm who went the extra mile in preparing the case,” he added. “She spent a lot of time with the clients to get the honest, emotional story that ultimately convinced the jury. I am certain we’ll soon see many more victories from Britt in her role as first chair.”

Let’s keep fighting for justice. Contact the Ellis Law Firm for a free case evaluation. You don’t pay a cent unless we win your case.

Lowe’s Slip and Fall Case Yields $16.4M Jury Verdict

slippery floor signIn July of 2013, Kelly Hendrickson went to a Lowe’s store in Las Vegas to shop for palm trees. While in the garden department, the 38-year-old mother of three slipped, fell and struck her head on the hard concrete. She contends that Lowes ought to be held liable for her permanent brain injuries and recently, a jury agreed with her. Hendrickson was awarded $16.4 million in compensatory damages.

The decision followed about six hours of deliberations, which took place at the end of the trial in April 2016. The award included $1.9 million for Hendrickson’s medical expenses and $14.5 million for her pain and suffering. The jury rejected the claimant’s bid for punitive damages.

Plaintiff sues after suffering severe injuries

Kelly Hendrickson had been checking out the palm trees not long after the inventory in the garden department had been watered. As a result, the concrete was quite wet. A Lowe’s employee did place a four-foot tall caution cone in the area. However, counsel for the plaintiff contended that the cone was obstructed by a planter table and not visible.

To give the jurors a visual demonstration of how a patron of Lowe’s might easily miss seeing the caution cone, the counsel for the plaintiff dramatically pulled out a similar caution cone from behind the witness stand at one point during the trial. He pointed out that as everyone had walked in the courtroom that morning, apparently no one had seen the caution cone because it was hidden from view.

During the course of the trial, the plaintiff’s counsel also poked holes into witness testimony for the defense. A man had testified that he’d seen Hendrickson jump and knock over the cone when she fell.

“It’s hard to imagine a better warning of something on the ground than being so close to the cone that you yourself knock it down,” asserted the counsel for the defense. The claimant’s counsel countered this witness testimony by pointing out that at the time of the incident, the witness was across the parking lot and only saw the fall from out of the corner of his eye. The attorney also pointed out that the witness was not able to recall the color of the caution cone when asked, incorrectly stating that it was orange when it was actually yellow.

The effects of comparative negligence

The slip and fall accident at Lowe’s changed Hendrickson’s life forever. After she fell and cracked her skull, she incurred significant medical expenses. She is believed to have permanently lost her senses of smell and taste, and she suffers from other neurological injuries.

The jury verdict will help her cover her expenses; however, it’s likely that it will be reduced. Nevada recognizes comparative negligence and the jury found that Hendrickson was 20 percent responsible for the fall and her injuries. This means that the verdict will be reduced by 20 percent. Additionally, it’s possible that the defendant could appeal the verdict.

Have you suffered injuries in a retail establishment?

Slip and fall accidents can lead to a wide range of injuries, from minor to debilitating. If you’ve suffered from fractures, head trauma, or any other types of injuries after falling on someone else’s property, you may have the basis for filing a premises liability lawsuit.

Contact Ellis Law to schedule a free case review. Every personal injury attorney in our team is highly skilled and can explain your legal rights and pursue maximum damages if litigation is the right path in your case. Residents of the greater Los Angeles area can call our office at 310-641-3335 for a no-obligation consult.

Los Angeles Lawyer Gets $1 Million Dollar Settlement


In cases where a child is involved, a righteous indignation occurs within oneself. And for attorney, Justina Ramon, that’s exactly what occurred, leaving only one purpose in mind: ensuring a result which would afford the child with the necessary resources to address his special needs and the best opportunity for a successful future.

On the night of his delivery, the child’s mother was prepped to deliver through a cesarean section. The baby was 3 months premature so the recognition of delivering this baby with extreme caution should have been resoundingly clear to each of the involved physicians and staff.

Nevertheless, when the doctor began to cut the mother’s uterus in order to remove the baby the doctor cut too deep, resulting in a large and deep laceration to the baby’s scalp. As a result, surgical repair to the baby’s scalp was needed, as well as, a blood transfusion due to the loss of blood, antibiotics to avoid infection, radiology scans and prolonged hospitalization.

The mother and baby sued and under the careful leadership of her attorney, Justina Ramon, the matter was settled for a sum over $1 million dollars. The child, who is now three years old, is receiving the care and treatment he requires in order to address his ongoing needs to ensure a bright future.

It was Justina’s passion, arguments and relentless perseverance that led to the settlement. While by no means do these monetary settlements ever truly compensate these victims suffering or loss; the settlement provided a sense of justice and alleviated expenses and costs brought on by the accident.