Ellis Law Highlights Successful Recent Settlements

Ellis Law Highlights Successful Recent Settlements

November 4, 2020

Ellis Law Corporation

Recent Settlements

Ellis Injury Law is committed to achieving outstanding results for our clients, whether secured through settlement negotiations, mediation, or a courtroom victory. The following highlights of some of our recent settlements illustrate how having a capable personal injury attorney can maximize your financial compensation after a senseless accident.

We are proud to report on some of our most recent legal achievements.

$380,000 for Slip and Fall Injuries

Ellis Injury Law Firm attorney Brandon Corday filed the case in the Superior Court of California, Riverside. The claim was settled on September 17, 2020.

Facts of the case:  Our client was walking near the refrigerated beer and meat areas of a Winco Foods in Moreno Valley, when he slipped on a spilled liquid. In the absence of warning signs, the hazardous condition caused him to fall hard on his left side, badly injuring his ACL. The damage to his anterior cruciate ligament and recovery process caused him to miss one year of work and income.

$90,000 Settlement in Restaurant Premises Liability Claim

This slip and fall case, handled by attorneys Boris Briskin and Nikta Yazdi, was settled before being filed to court.

Facts of the case: In October of 2018, our client was dining in the upstairs level of Calo Kitchen Tequila, located in El Segundo. When descending the stairs, she slipped on a pool of transparent liquid on the last step before the landing. She lost balance and fell backward, landing hard on her left side and buttocks, twisting her left ankle in the process. Ellis Injury Law negotiated a $90,000 settlement from the defendant to account for her accumulated damages.

$75,000 Bus Accident Settlement

This case was filed by Ellis Law attorneys Justina Ramon and Karan Gill in the City of Santa Monica and settled on September 24, 2020.

Facts of the case: Our client was injured while riding a Santa Monica city bus when the bus driver ran a red light and collided with a car. Ellis Injury Law was able to secure $75,000 in damages for her injuries, which required 6 months of medical treatment.

$85,000 Car Crash Settlement

This case was filed by Ellis Law attorneys Nikta Yazdi and Brandon Corday in the Superior Court of California, and settled on September 21, 2020.

Facts of the case: In 2018, our client was waiting to make a right turn on Vermont Ave at the intersection with W. Slauson Ave in Los Angeles, when her vehicle was side-swiped by an insured’s commercial vehicle as it attempted a right turn from the lane to the Plaintiff’s left. The collision caused significant property damage to our client’s vehicle and bodily injury to her person, even though she was wearing a seat belt. Our client’s accident-related bills totaled less than $15,000, but our lawyers settled the claim for $85,000.

Maximize your personal injury compensation

Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers understand how a motor vehicle accident or slip and fall injury can undermine the lives of victims and their families. When negligence is to blame, victims have the law on their side, and our attorneys know every trick in the book used by insurance companies. We are tenacious advocates you can count on, from initial consultation through case resolution. 

To speak with a skilled personal injury attorney at Ellis Law about your rights, we invite you to call for a free consultation. While we do not guarantee specific case results, we can say that our award-winning lawyers have recovered more than $350 million in settlements and damages, and boast a 99 percent success rate with all claims we take on. We are proud to offer results-driven advocacy to clients throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.