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Rancho Palos Verdes Car Accident Lawyers

Most drivers have been involved in a few near-misses in their lives, but few have thought much about what they’d do if a near-miss became a heavy impact. Sure, you have car insurance, and perhaps health insurance, but will they really cover all your costs? Is it even fair to expect them to pay out when the accident was caused by another driver? Will the liable driver’s insurance company offer you a fair settlement? These are all common questions, and they can be difficult to answer. Luckily, Rancho Palos Verdes car accident lawyers with Ellis Law are here to help. 

Contact an attorney as soon as you are able 

The aftermath of an auto accident can be confusing. You might need emergency medical care, you might have to speak with police, and insurance adjusters from all parties involved may request a statement. It’s important to have an experienced car accident lawyer representing your side. The sooner we get in touch, the better. Ellis Law offers 100% free and confidential no-obligation consultations for anyone in the Los Angeles area who has been the victim of another driver’s negligence. Even if your crash was only partially caused by an irresponsible motorist, you may still have an opportunity to seek damages. Meet with one of our legal experts and we’ll examine the details that surround your accident, compute a compensation amount, and help you decide what your next steps should be. 

A top-notch legal team with no upfront fees 

If we decide you have a case, and you decide to hire us, we can get to work right away with no upfront legal fees. Each car accident attorney from Ellis Law works on contingency fees. This means we don’t get paid a penny unless you’re awarded damages or agree to a fair settlement. In the unlikely event we fail to secure compensation, you won’t owe us any legal fees at all. We know how expensive it can be to hire a lawyer, especially in Rancho Palos Verdes, but don’t think a lack of funds should stop you from seeking justice. Make an appointment with Ellis Law today, and work with some of the best lawyers in California. 

A reputation for getting results 

Founded over 25 years ago by Army vet and Loyola Law grad Andrew Ellis, Ellis Law has secured over $350 million in damages for clients just like you. Now, add to this a reputation for treating every client, large and small, like a valued VIP. Whether you’re standing up to a powerful trucking company or just seeking damages after a fender bender with a texting teen driver in the mall parking lot, Ellis Law can help. We have the talent, intelligence, creativity, and in-depth knowledge of California state law that you need in your corner. In your hour of need, make sure you’re depending on the best. Contact Ellis Law for a free consultation.