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California Laceration Injury Lawyers

Los Angeles Personal Injury LawyerCuts and bruises are some of the most common injuries people sustain throughout their lifetime. Vehicle accidents are particularly likely to cause cuts and bruises. But because cuts and bruises are common and occur frequently doesn’t mean they can’t be serious. If you or a loved one suffered cuts and bruises, you may have had to undergo surgery, emergency treatment, physical therapy, or even suffered loss of a limb or severe impairment. Injuries sustained in lacerations can cause people to lose time from their work and thus impact them financially. In some cases, laceration or bruise injuries may cause people to become unable to perform their job or lead to long-term disability.

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A laceration injury can cause serious damage and even death

Cuts — medically termed lacerations — can be serious injuries, depending on the severity, location in the body, and what happens after the laceration occurs.

Cuts and lacerations can cause major blood loss and shock, even if they don’t appear serious. They can cause damage to nerves, muscles, and tissue.

Laceration injuries are cuts, remember. They may result in limbs, fingers, or toes being cut off, or so lacerated that amputation is necessary.

Lacerations can become infected if not properly dressed and treated. Foreign objects in a laceration can also cause infection. In some incidents, a foreign object may remain after the laceration wound starts to heal, causing injury and even disability.

Some lacerations are caused by scraping, along the side of a road after a car or motorcycle accident, for example. But others are caused by punctures. A flying object after an accident can cause puncture wounds. Puncture wounds can also be caused by animal bites, for example.

Puncture wounds can be more serious simply because objects that puncture the skin can also puncture bodily organs, nerves, muscles, and tissue. A puncture wound to the head, for example, can cause traumatic brain injury (TBI).

People with laceration injuries may suffer scars and need cosmetic surgery, or multiple surgeries, after the initial damage is repaired. Those who suffer from scars and lacerations may need physical therapy if their scars cause loss of mobility.

Lacerations that cause blood loss, infection, and serious damage to the body can be fatal.


Bruises, which are medically termed contusions, can also be extremely damaging. Bruises are discolorations caused by damage to the blood vessels underneath the skin.

Many bruises, as we all know, are not serious. They can be painful, but they soon lighten and disappear.

Other contusions can be fatal. Contusions can, for example, cause hematomas and TBIs.

Filing a laceration injury lawsuit

If you or a loved one have suffered injury or death from a laceration or contusion as a result of the negligence of another person or entity such as a corporation, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries and losses

Legal claims can seek damages to pay for medical care, surgery, emergency room visits, required cosmetic surgery, physical therapy, pain and suffering, and more.

People who were unable to work or who cannot work at their previous occupations may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, lost opportunities, retraining, and disability, among other claims.

Loved ones and families may be entitled to seek damages as well, for loss of their loved one and loss of consortium.

What is my injury worth in a laceration injury settlement?

Laceration injury settlements can be negotiated before or during trial between plaintiffs and their attorneys and the negligent parties named in the lawsuit. Compensation awarded by courts vary, and determining potential damage awards is complicated as a result.

In general, the court will look at two factors: 1) the seriousness and extent of any injury and 2) the degree of culpability of the defendant. Some awards on seriousness and extent may be reduced if the plaintiff is found partially responsible, by the percentage the court feels the defendant contributed.

Some cases can be illustrative, however. Recently, for example, a jury awarded $8 million to a plaintiff whose injury was caused by faulty design in a conveyor belt. The injury resulted in the loss of three fingers and required 12 surgeries.

A jury awarded $200,000 to a taxi driver whose finger was broken in a physical fight regarding a fare. The injury resulted in the driver’s being unable to work for 32 weeks.

Southern California laceration injury lawyer

The Ellis Law Firm has two decades of experience in litigating and resolving laceration and contusion cases. They can be complex and require negotiating both with negligent parties and with insurance companies. Our record as laceration and contusion injury lawyers shows our commitment to justice for those harmed.

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