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Playa del Rey Personal Injury Lawyers

Playa del Rey’s oceanfront access and its beautiful beaches are welcome distractions from the daily grind, but those distractions will occasionally lead to injury-causing accidents. If you have been the victim of an accident that damages your property or that results in injuries, call the Playa del Rey personal injury lawyers at Ellis Law for knowledgeable and experienced legal representation against that negligent party. We will fight tirelessly to recover the maximum compensation for your losses and injuries.  

Proven results in accident and injury lawsuits 

We have represented accident victims in Playa del Rey and throughout southern California for more than twenty years. In that time, we have negotiated settlements and won trial verdicts with an aggregate of more than $350 million in damages for our clients. When you retain our firm, you can be comfortable knowing that you are trusting your accident case to experienced attorneys that will recover the maximum compensation that you deserve. 

Our lawyers are available to speak with you 24 hours a day 

You can call our offices any time of the day or night to get connected with a personal injury lawyer who will assess your case. Negligent parties and their insurance companies take advantage of every delay to reduce the amount of damages that they may have to pay. Our attorneys are available around the clock to act quickly on your claims and to prevent insurers from stalling on any payouts. 

Iyou win nothing, you pay nothing 

Our consultations are 100% complimentary. If we agree to take your case and you retain us to represent you, you will owe nothing unless and until we collect damages on your behalf. Our fees come out of those damages, and you have no out-of-pocket costs or expenses at any time.  

Our experience extends to all types of accident cases 

Through our decades of representing accident and injury victims, we have developed expertise in automobile accident cases, slip and fall injuries, workplace mishaps, injuries that occur following excessive use of force, and countless other circumstances. Our knowledge and expertise enables us to recover the maximum amount of damages that you are entitled to receive as a remedy for your losses and injuries. Negligent parties and their insurance companies are often quick to offer small settlements. Call Ellis Law before you accept any token first offers. 

Our attorneys are advocates for injured people  

Call the Playa del Rey personal injury and accident lawyers at Ellis Law as soon as you possibly can after you have suffered losses or injuries in an accident in Playa del Rey or elsewhere in southern California. When you call us soon after an accident, we will have a better chance to preserve and analyze the evidence of your accident and to prepare to argue for a maximum damages award. If we accept your case, a personal injury attorney will file the necessary lawsuits before any statutes of limitations expire to preserve your rights against any and all of the negligent parties that caused the accident.