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Playa Del Rey Bus Accident Lawyers

More than 63,000 bus accidents occur across the country each year, and with L.A.’s high population and heavy traffic, we can expect a large portion of those accidents to occur within our city limits. But what do you do if you become injured due to a bus accident? Understanding your rights and what you may eligible for is the first step in receiving just reparations for your injuries.  

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, don’t hesitate to call our Playa Del Rey bus accident lawyers. We’ll let you know whether or not you have a case and exactly what you should do next.  

Types of bus accidents  

You don’t have to be a passenger of a bus (or any vehicle for that matter) to be involved in a bus accident. Our personal injury lawyers have seen a large variety of bus accidents and can use their experience to help you fight for and win your personal injury case.  

Common examples of bus accident cases include: 

  • Being struck by a bus while walking, riding a bike, or skating 
  • Having a bus rear-end or hit your car while you are inside 
  • Riding as a passenger in a bus that was involved in an accident 
  • Having a door close on you, a seat breaks or other parts of the bus falling and striking you 

If you’ve been injured and a bus was involved, you could be eligible for compensation. Contact a Playa Del Rey bus accident attorney from Ellis Law to determine just how much your injury may be worth. 

Finding the liable party 

Unlike traditional car accidents that are almost always the fault of the driver, determining the responsible party for a bus accident can be much trickier. This is because busses can be publicly or privately owned, and are often operated under a larger, more complex system. Oftentimes, several parties can be held liable for the bus accident. 

Examples of liable parties include: 

  • A bus driver that is distracted by eating or using a cellular device, failed to abide by driving laws or regulations put in place by the company, is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or who are otherwise driving recklessly.  
  • Owners or management of the bus company for failing to properly train their drivers, not putting into place or enforcing safety standards, ignoring obvious hazards, or overworking employees to the extent of exhaustion.  
  • Mechanics for failing to properly fix mechanical issues that later led to injuries. 
  • Manufacturers of faulty tires and other equipment that led to accidents or injuries. 
  • Other drivers whose reckless driving caused the accident.  

Every bus accident case is different, and there may be other liable parties not listed here. The best way to determine which party should be held responsible for your injuries is by contacting an experienced bus accident lawyer.  

Choosing experienced legal representation 

When it comes to fighting big businesses and large insurance companies, you’ll want to have the support of an experienced personal injury attorney. At Ellis Law, we offer all of our clients a free consultation and will never charge for our services until we have successfully won your case. Get a free case consultation today to see if you have a case.